A New Niece or Nephew Soon…

My sister called to tell me today that her water broke.

A little while later we heard from her that the contractions were 20 minutes apart.

I told my kids who were excited that a new cousin was on the way.

And since my sister and her husband haven’t decided on a name just yet, I asked the kids what their suggestions were.

Alex (age 10) : Calvin Johnson – that’s the name of a Detroit Lions player – I’m pretty sure he was thinking of his uncle when he suggested this.

Andrew (age 7): John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – maybe a tad on the long side

Caroline (age 3): Mr. Underpants – said with tons and tons of laughter

So, the waiting is on.

┬áCan’t wait to find out all about little Calvin Jingleheimer Underpants!

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