A Dog & A Dream

As I’ve made perfectly clear in previous posts, our dog drives me bonkers.

Whether it’s eating plastic skeletons (yes, that’s the latest item to go) or digging holes in the back yard, she just drives me crazy.

Believe me, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of my dogless years.

But if you remember, my 7 year old loves this dog.

He is thrilled and apparently has further plans.

Yesterday Andrew told me, “Mom, I just had a talk with Sophie. I told her that if she stopped digging holes in the yard and barking at everyone, then we would get her a friend.”

I just looked at him and said, “What kind of friend?”

“A dog friend.” Cue the big smile.

I truly don’t think it’s fair to give Sophie or me such false hope.

Of course, I know where Andrew is going with this since he has been counting down till today for the past week.

You see, I’m taking the kids to volunteer at the SPCA this afternoon. We’re supposed to feed the horses, fill up dog dishes, and take a tour.

And look at the dogs.

A fact which Andrew has reminded me half a dozen times.

So hopefully my Wednesday post will not start out, “My 7 year old had the saddest look on his face so I bought him a dog.”

Wish me luck- and a healthy dose of memory to get through this trip!

Pioneer Camp

My 7 year old is attending pioneer camp at a local farm and museum.

Everyday he comes home from camp saying, “I love this camp. I’m so glad I have 3 more days of camp.”

From what he’s told me it sounds like a wonderful camp – playing stick ball, walking in the creek, making quesadillas over an open flame, as well as many other activities.

I think the people who created this camp are brilliant, but it’s not because of the stick ball or walking in the creek or even cooking over a camp fire.

This has been my conversation with Andrew every day after camp:

What did you do at camp today Andrew?

Monday: “Today we played with water guns and also cleaned out the sheep area.”

Tuesday: “Today we went into the pioneer school and also cleaned out the chicken coop.”

Wednesday: “Today we went on a hike and also cleaned out the donkey stall.”

Are you noticing a theme?

The people who run this camp have hit the jackpot.

Do they have to clean up after the animals for 10 weeks of the summer?

Heck no! Get those city kids to do all the cleaning and washing – they’ll think it’s fun.

I’m thinking of running a camp over at my house next summer.

Just imagine, the kids could go home saying, “Today at camp we went swimming and then scrubbed the floors.”

“Today at camp we went to a movie and then washed the windows.”

“Today we did arts and crafts and then washed Mrs. Mac’s car.”

Yes, I think I’ll start creating the flyer right now.


***Tomorrow is dress like a cow day at Chick-Fi-A – check their website for details ***


After reading books to Caroline and putting her down to bed, I was informed by my husband that our dog ate one of my shoes, a ball, and an oven mitt.

To be honest I was just shocked.


A teddy bear with a missing face

A favorite hat

A roll of toilet paper and kitchen towel

One of six living room pillows lost

My daughter's school nap mat

Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone left our back gate open and this dog wandered far far away?

Spring Break is Over

Spring break is over today but we had a busy week doing a lot of kid chosen activities.

*First haircut

*Went to see the movie “Tin Tin”

* Trip to the zoo

*IKEA trip for lunch and closet supplies (OK, so not all trips were kid chosen)

* 3 days of half day soccer camp

*Having a friend over to play

*Dinner & Painting Class for Mom with her friends

* Watching 3 Netflix movies

* Eating green St. Patrick’s Day pancakes

* Making Rainbow cupcakes

* Lunch date for mom and dad (Believe me when I say the kids enjoyed this one too)

*Everyone in family to see “Big Miracle” movie (Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski movie about saving three whales – comes highly recommended from our family)

* Dinner at In & Out

Yes, it was a good break.

But if any one of my three wake up tomorrow morning sick and can’t go to school, I will not be pleased.

Art Project with Andrew

My six year old has been asking for months to create a piece of wall art similar to this one.


I have stalled and stalled on it because 1) it would take a good amount of time to complete and 2) I couldn’t quite decide what the best way to make a frame for it would be.

But the since this project was on the list I was forced to make a decision and begin.

We looked around the garage and found this old Halloween decoration which was broken.

My husband add the ears which were previously the mummy arms while old metal coat hangers became the base for the antlers and the nose.

Using a mix of half Elmer’s glue and half water, Andrew and I paper mached strips of newspaper onto the structure.

Over the course of a week we put on four separate layers.

After a trip to the craft store to choose his colors, Andrew painted his gazelle with a combination of orange, coral, black, white, and blue colors.

There was a minor debate about where this piece of art should hang. Andrew suggested my bedroom which I quickly thanked him for but declined. My thought was for it to go in his bedroom room. He quickly declined that offer. We finally settled on an area in our playroom above a doorway.

Andrew’s already talking about making a water buffalo for the living room and an elephant for his sisters’ room.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to introduce him to the idea of small sculptures.

Tuesday To Do Party

A New Addition

Remember my post “A Hairy Christmas?”

It could have been considered hairy for an entirely different reason.

We got a dog.

Now to be clear, I never wanted a dog.


In my experience, they are stinky and their hair gets everywhere.

But this kid changed my mind.

My son has always loved animals and desperately wanted a pet.

When he was four we got him fish.

When he was four they died.

Not quite the pet he was looking for.

Before my husband and I went out looking for a dog I made a list of the type of dog I would welcome into my home.

1. Dark haired dog.

2. Short haired dog.

3. Medium sized dog.

Instead we came home with Sophie.

She’s got white fur.

She’s got long hair.

She’s 42 pounds as a puppy.

She only met one of my requirements.

She makes my son happy.

My Little Pony…Not for Little Ones Anymore

Recently, I discovered the “My Little Pony” of yesterday and the “My Little Pony” of today are quite different.

I turned on the television for Caroline in an attempt to distract her so I could cook dinner. Seeing as my only two choices were “Scooby Doo” and “My Little Pony,” I went with the later, and walked into our adjacent kitchen.

I listened to the show as I was taking out the boxed macaroni and cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, and applesauce began cutting some fresh vegetables for dinner. As I listened to more of the dialogue I realized something was amiss.

My sisters and I had a whole herd of ponies when we were younger. First came the ponies which later morphed into the unicorns and seahorses. In fact, we were such My Little Pony connoisseurs we even had the plastic traveling case. I know…we were the cool kids. We played for hours on end with the ponies, combing their hair with the color coordinating brushes and creating stories for our menagerie.

Good childhood memories.

As I walked back to the television, I was convinced the soundtrack must have been switched with another show. I had always associated My Little Pony with sweet stories of friendship and this is not what I was hearing. Something must be wrong with the channel. I pulled up the synopsis of this particular episode…. shortly before I ended up changing the channel.

Here’s what it said:

Friendship is Magic: Part 2

Twilight and the rest of her friends join forces to fight the evil Night Mare moon, who has not only stolen the magical elements of Harmony from Equestria, but also kidnapped the pony kingdom’s beloved Princess Celestia.

Not quite the “My Little Pony” that I remember.

In fact, it sounds a little like the description of a porno movie to me.

Moooooooove Over Pride…We’re Eatin’ for Free

Last Friday, much to Derek’s dismay, we dressed in our cow costumes and headed to Chick-Fil-A for our free meal. Two years ago we dressed as Star Wars characters so we decided to be “Rock Stars” this year.

Derek was completely mortified as we walked into the building. I reassured him this was only temporary, we’d get a free meal, the kids would enjoy it, and he wouldn’t have to dress like a cow for another 364 days.

Well, as we entered the restaurant, the store manager came over and took our picture. She very excitedly informed us that our picture would be on the stores’ Facebook page. I kept staring and smiling at her, completely ignoring the look of horror that suddenly came across Derek’s face.

When the manager walked away I looked at Derek and said, “It’s for the children.”

“And more importantly, the $25 meal we are about to receive for free.”

So I present to you…..

Moo Hendrix, The Stubborn and fiercely independent 6 year old who refused a name, The Black Eyed Cow, Sheryl Cow, and MooDonna

Picture of Family Dress for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a

My chicken sandwich and waffle fries were delish!

Already contemplating our theme for next year….Derek is desperately hoping he’ll be out of town on business.

What Are They Really Like?

At the very minimum, I have read at least one piece of children’s literature everyday for the last nine years.

Through those daily readings I have become quite familiar with some characters. I have visited museums with them, gone camping with them, and even rescued a baby whale.

But I want to go deeper. What are their lives really like?

Let’s examine a few angles the authors might take next time.

I’m sure these could be best sellers.


Does the man with the yellow hat realize the reason he is still single is due to the fact that he wears the same bizarre outfit everyday and lives with a monkey?  And what makes him think George will stay beside him this time? It’s time to invest in a leash and match.com my friend.



Do Emily Elizabeth’s parents pay more for lawn service than their neighbors? Due to the enormous dung piles in their yard I would guess they must pay at least double. Of course, they probably make a hefty profit on the colossal produce they are able to sell at the local farmer’s market.



Does Mama Bear ever regret marrying Papa Bear? He is apparently a huge dolt who must have the highest health insurance premiums in Bear Country. Although on the flip side Mama must be a drinker since she still lets Papa Bear take the cubs on adventures knowing full well what the outcome will be. Maybe social services should look in on Brother and Sister Bear.


Pondering anything about your favorite characters?