Dress Like a Cow = Free Meal

Friday (tomorrow!) July 8th is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A

If you and your loved ones dress like a cow your meals are FREE!

(Chick-fil A has a downloadable cow costume on their website.)

Partial costume = free entree          Full costume = free meal

Two years ago we dressed up in a Star Wars theme and ate for free. You do not need to have a theme to your costumes  but it added an element of fun. Here are our construction paper and reversed t-shirt ensembles from two years ago:Fortunately I translate baby faces and can tell you what she was thinking

Dammit lady – I don’t even eat solid foods yet and you have dressed me like this. Why must you do this? I will be beyond embarrassed. What if my friends see me? This family is a mess. I cannot wait till I go to college.

Hurry! Get a costume and have an “udderly” good time!

9 thoughts on “Dress Like a Cow = Free Meal

  1. LOVE IT!!! Too Fun! Caroline needs to loosen up a bit, she’s in a GREAT family!

  2. OK, let’s see the pictures from this year!!! That commentary on Caroline’s thoughts is priceless…she will be saying that for years to come, no doubt!

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