Moooooooove Over Pride…We’re Eatin’ for Free

Last Friday, much to Derek’s dismay, we dressed in our cow costumes and headed to Chick-Fil-A for our free meal. Two years ago we dressed as Star Wars characters so we decided to be “Rock Stars” this year.

Derek was completely mortified as we walked into the building. I reassured him this was only temporary, we’d get a free meal, the kids would enjoy it, and he wouldn’t have to dress like a cow for another 364 days.

Well, as we entered the restaurant, the store manager came over and took our picture. She very excitedly informed us that our picture would be on the stores’ Facebook page. I kept staring and smiling at her, completely ignoring the look of horror that suddenly came across Derek’s face.

When the manager walked away I looked at Derek and said, “It’s for the children.”

“And more importantly, the $25 meal we are about to receive for free.”

So I present to you…..

Moo Hendrix, The Stubborn and fiercely independent 6 year old who refused a name, The Black Eyed Cow, Sheryl Cow, and MooDonna

Picture of Family Dress for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a

My chicken sandwich and waffle fries were delish!

Already contemplating our theme for next year….Derek is desperately hoping he’ll be out of town on business.

7 thoughts on “Moooooooove Over Pride…We’re Eatin’ for Free

  1. I just burst out laughing out loud when i read that your picture will be on facebook. Oh Derek, there goes your street cred!

  2. Hahaha. Terrific themes & costumes…I can’t decide which one is my favorite! They’re all great 🙂

  3. It is hysterical and really 25 dollars is 25 dollars….gramma carol would have been proud!

  4. The cow formerly known as Andrew! That’s his name! TOO CUTE! I love it! Laughed my head off!

  5. Hi there- found you through the hop and am a new follower. I love that you did this! There are never enough times to get dressed up in costume. I really miss CF-A- the sweet tea…OMG so good; too bad there aren’t any here! I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    I hope you have a great weekend!

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