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An Easter Synopsis

9:00 – 10:00 pm Easter Eve – Momma & Poppa Bunny fill Easter eggs with candy, check to make sure the gifts (books, coloring books, card games, stickers are equal). 10:05 pm Easter Eve – Momma Bunny complains her stomach … Continue reading

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Easter Mess

Two days ago we had tornadoes come through the Dallas Metroplex. Around 2:00 the sky started to look ominous. My oldest was home sick so I went to see if I could get my six year old out of school … Continue reading

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Movie Logic

I took my kids and one of their friends to the dollar show on Monday. It was President’s Day and the place was swamped. I had to drop the oldest two off and have them stand in line while I … Continue reading

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Angry Birds Valentines

My six year old requested Angry Birds valentines this year. I just made them and he is “super” excited to give them to his friends. If you’d like a copy of the valentines, click here. Please consider becoming a follower … Continue reading

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De-Lish Oreo Treats

This week we made these Oreo Treats for our friends, neighbors, and teachers. Let me just tell you, they are delicious. The best part? They are simple to make. Ingredients: 2 packages of Oreo Cookies 2 (8 oz) blocks of … Continue reading

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Monster Food & Mummy Wraps

We had our second annual Halloween party over the weekend and for the second time I forgot to take any pictures. I set up these photos after everyone had gone home and right before I crashed on the couch. In … Continue reading

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He Will Never Learn

My husband will never learn. We’ve been married 14 years and he still doesn’t get it. Maybe it’s the fact that he grew up in a family with only two children. He doesn’t have the hoarding tendencies that those of … Continue reading

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Halloween Party Food

Last year we held our first ever Halloween party and it was a ton of fun for everyone (a ton of work too but let’s focus on the fun for now). My husband and I baked, dipped, frosted, stirred, cooled, … Continue reading

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Important Mommy Trait #1

One of the most important traits a mom can have is the ability to silently consume a bag of M & M’s while standing next to her children. At least in my book.

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Good Intentions

Do you ever buy only healthy items at the grocery store but completely regret it once you come home and realize there’s nothing good to snack on? Sad….oh so sad.

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