Halloween Party Boards

Today I am sharing with you Party Boards I made for our Halloween party. These boards make great photo ops and the kids just love them, especially when the adults participate.

Here are the supplies you will need: wooden board, paint, tracer (although you could free hand it), chunky blocks
, and a photo of the image you want to create on your board.

Place the image under your tracer and use as much of the space as possible.

I used a red sharpie here to trace my lines but a black one would be even better. You will cover up your lines with paint in the next step.

Paint the sections of the image with your desired colors. For this Super Girl board I used paints I already had in my stash.

Once the entire piece is colored you will question whether the end product will turn out well. Do not worry. Forge ahead with your black paint pen or thick Sharpie. This tool will make all the difference in the world.

Cut two large blocks for legs and cut slits into their middles.

The large board then slides into the ground blocks in order for the structure to stand.

Cut out a hole for the face and you are ready to party!

Here are some other party boards we have made for parties.

Have fun creating your own party boards!

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14 thoughts on “Halloween Party Boards

  1. Nice! I like that there’s a Super-GIRL flying around now. Do you save your board so the collection and photo opts grow each year?

  2. WOW! These are so stinkin’ cute!!
    You have done the best job, I can imagine how long it took you to do – So well worth it.
    Now I’m off to explore your blog.

  3. wow what a great idea! I’ve been thinking of doing this on our bday with my kid. thanks for this wonderful idea! keep it up

  4. :0 Loved this. What a fun project with great results and limitless options. Your tutorial was simple to understand an to the point. Always like that. :0 So very glad you linked this up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  5. These are so cute and creative. I would love to have a few at my Halloween party on Monday. Visiting from the Creative Paige.
    🙂 crafty texas girls

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  7. I LOVE this. One of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas for birthday parties and stuff. Just adds to the great themes we’re all already working with!

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