I’m spending the day finishing up painting our guest bathroom – finally one goal will be complete this month.

We chose Copen Blue from Sherwin Wiliams.

I like it the more that I see it – started a little too bright but since drying has settled down a bit.

Next step in the guest room?

Switching out the builder mirror with a new one…but that’s not until June so I’ve got time to search.

Are you working on anything in your house right now?

Guest Post : Survival Bracelets!

My good friend Melissa and her husband Ryan surprised me with a guest post  – yes, people, my friend wrote a guest post out of the kindness of her heart. Or maybe she noticed the quality of my posts slipping and wanted to remedy the situation. Either way, enjoy a little humor and craftiness from my dear friend Melissa as she writes about making a birthday present for my son…

Thank you Melissa and Ryan! Andrew loved his bracelet and was super impressed his friend Alex made it.

If you would like more instructions on making survival bracelets go here.



I received many adorable handmade gifts from my children for Mother’s Day.

Apparently they were quite busy in school this past week making things.

But I do have to wonder what my 7 year old’s teacher thought when he turned in this acrostic poem…

Did you see the second M?

The teacher probably mistakenly believes Andrew and I could be on the cover of TIME magazine now.

It happened again.

It happened again.

But this time my husband was the victim.

If you ask me though, he was kind of asking for it.

Caroline was loose and there were consequences.

I’m thinking of possibly buying a cage to stick her in when I shower.

Or maybe I should just shower when she’s asleep.

 I left her watching TV on my bed so I could step in the shower – it’s roughly an eight foot walk.

I left the TV on and gave her some stickers with strict instructions to only put them on the paper I provided.

As I got out of the shower I saw she had moved from the bed to the floor.

She apparently listened because there were stickers on the paper.

But at some point while I was in the shower, she eyed my husbands Easter candy.

And ate it.

Notice the white chocolate flecks around her mouth?

Maybe I should be mad but frankly, who leaves Easter candy on their nightstand and expects it to be there in the morning? Plus, she didn’t put the stickers on the wall so I’m calling it a victory!

Master Bedroom Headboard

Last time I wrote about our master bedroom headboard I left you with this picture…

Well, here’s the final product!

I haven’t bought the proper pillows for the white cases yet, but besides that I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I went to the Habitat store and found this headboard for $45 but used a Habitat coupon and got it for $37.50. I kind of feel like scum using a coupon at the Habitat store?

The headboard didn’t have the lighter colored board in it so there was actually a large hole in the middle of it.

To say my husband was skeptical is an understatement. Though he pushed forward and inserted the board to fill in the empty space.

I only remembered to take a picture half way through painting it.

I used a black flat paint because I wanted to minimize the flowers and thought if I used a gloss they would stand out more.

When the board was all finished drying we brought it inside.

I knew there was going to be a height problem so my husband anchored the headboard to the wall using hooks.

So there you go, our master bedroom headboard.

Go here for the pillows post.

Packing Tip

For our recent trip to Indiana I tried a new technique for packing.

You see, when packing for 5 people who are going on a 4 night trip with 3 hotel stays, things need to be as organized as possible.

Our clothing needs ran the gamut, from graduation clothes to traveling clothes to caving clothes so I decided to pack all of the kids clothes into gallon sized Ziploc bags.

I first wrote out a label for each bag with the name of the day/event the clothes inside the bag would be for.

The kids and I then chose the clothes and included a pair of socks and some underwear into each bag.

I ended up with 5 bags for each child and found this system perfect for all of our late nights. It was easy to just grab a bag, hand the kids their clothes, and yell, “Oh my God it’s 10:30! Hurry up and shower!”

Now if only I could get my husband into littler clothing all of our packing dilemmas would be solved



We just got back last night from Indiana where I was attending my little brother’s law school graduation.

Yep. Little brother’s LAW SCHOOL graduation.

Pretty impressive I know.

Ryan was 6 when I went to college so this accomplishment is all the more impressive to me considering I still think of him as being in elementary school.

But alas, he’s not 6 anymore.

Instead, he can consult with us on wills and trusts, oh and wildlife law too (apparently he thought that would be helpful).

We’re so proud of you Ryan!

Florence & Santa Barbara

Several weeks ago I flew out to California to attend the Florence and the Machines concert with my sister Kelly.

If you remember I had a slight concern about what people wear to concerts these days.

Here’s how we ended up looking…

Why, you ask, do I look like a 13 year old boy?

Because I assumed the weather channels prediction of 45 degree nights was wrong.

That’s why.

Turns out they were right.

My sleeveless sequined shirt was not going to cut it so we went to the Gap where I bought the stripped sweatshirt and then over to Nordstrom’s where I picked up these babies..

See, I knew comfy shoes would make an appearance.

I think things worked out in the end though because let’s just say my sequins would have been a little out of place.

The concert turned out to be amazing. It was held at the Santa Barbara Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater, which is nestled in the hills.

The opening act was Blood Orange – a one man synthesizing show. He was really good and has a very unique sound. I’ve been listening to him since the concert on You Tube.

And then Florence came on!

She was amazing – she sang and danced all around – a bit quirky, but lots of fun.

Seriously love every single one of her songs.

After a night of concert going what are two girls to do?

Why, go get facials at the Four Seasons, of course!

Uh huh. That’s how my sister rolls.

The Four freakin’ Seasons in Santa Barbara where Oprah lives!

And how do two girls who arrive at their appointment early and are told they do not have pool access spend the time?

At the pool of course!

This was the life I tell you.

I need to talk to my husband about getting us a second home out here:)

Thanks for a great trip Kelly!     

We’ll have to do it again.

Next  time I’ll treat you.     

How many stars do you think the LaQuinta gets?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Caine’s Arcade

My friend Jess posted the following video on her blog the other day and I thought it was just wonderful.

The film is about a little boy who creates his own arcade out of cardboard boxes and how a filmmaker makes his dream come true.

I particularly love this story because it is about a child using his imagination to create something. In my opinion, that’s what childhood is about. Too often we have kids on video games, computers, leapsters, gameboys, or ipads to keep them occupied.

Instead, give them a box and see what they can create. I’m sure it will be a much more meaningful experience. Just think of all the brainstorming and problem solving involved with creating this arcade.

Watch the film. I promise you will love it.