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It’s always both startling and exciting when your little one uses new grown up words. Yesterday as I was trying to get everyone into their respective rooms for quiet time my 3 year old and I had this conversation. ‘Caroline, … Continue reading

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Howdy folks! Living in Texas lends itself to many “dressing western” days at school. Seeing as I don’t particularly embrace boots and hats we often struggle to come up with an appropriate costume on those days. The boys have never … Continue reading

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Blue Hair Special in Target

I was walking through Target the other day when I looked up and noticed I was about to pass two older women. As I walked by, one of the women said, “I love your necklace dear.” I responded with a … Continue reading

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A Birthday Skirt

One of my February goals was to make my daughter a skirt or dress. I settled on a skirt since that seemed to be an easier project. Half the coverage, half the work, right? I followed the instructions from the … Continue reading

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Adorable Baby Items on Etsy

I have a new nephew who was born this week. While cruising etsy yesterday I found many adorable gift ideas for the little guy. Have a look… Adri’s Adorables – $6 Pepper Pony – $20 Angie Baby Gifts – $18.50 … Continue reading

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I bought my nine year old these pants 4 weeks ago. When I purchased them, the pants were at least two and a half inches longer. Amazing what a steady diet of mac n’cheese and peanut butter sandwiches can do … Continue reading

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A Hairy Christmas

Our family has a history of silly gifts on Christmas day, from my Dad’s t-shirts, to wrapping a present in multiple boxes, to the matching pants my sisters and I received (not an intentional gag gift but one which occurred … Continue reading

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A Quick Closet Fix

Our system for putting away gloves and winter hats worked quite well until it became cold and we actually had to find those items on a daily basis. There were plenty of  “I can’t find my hat,” and “I can … Continue reading

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Normally, I encourage the artisitic process around our house. Yesterday, not so much. This looks like a crime scene. Fortunately for my two year old, I didn’t turn it into one. We will be renting a steamer very shortly since … Continue reading

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Halloween Giving

As a parent, I am always trying to find ways to help instill “giving” and “thinking of others” in my children. My kids are very blessed and I would like them to view themselves that way one day, even now. … Continue reading

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