A Quick Closet Fix

Our system for putting away gloves and winter hats worked quite well until it became cold and we actually had to find those items on a daily basis.

There were plenty of  “I can’t find my hat,” and “I can only find one glove,” so I decided something must be done.

If you remember way back in February I shared our closet redo which took care of book bags, coats, and hats.

Effective for those items but we neglected to designate a place for winter hats and gloves.

Until now.

We decided the best place for some containers would be in our garage.

We took a trip to our trusty IKEA and found the IKEA RETUR Recycling Bin.

Ten boxes later we had some winter organization.


Best part: The closet floor is clear.

Now we are ready for winter.

Though, ironically, it’s suppose to be 70 degrees tomorrow.

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