Running Peak

I truly dislike running.

I don’t get the runner’s high you are suppose to experience at the end of a run.

I get exhaustion, a dehydration headache, and sore legs.

Two months into my training and I keep waiting for this to get easier.

Yesterday I went for a 7 mile run in the neighborhood per the running calender I am adhering to.

It was tough. I was out of breath practically the whole run and was complaining to myself the entire time.

To make matters worse, a boy on a unicycle passed me.

I couldn’t even make that up.

I wanted to push him over.

Only problem was…I couldn’t catch him so I just watched him cycle away.

Before kids, my husband and I completed a marathon.

I was 26 and in shape.

Now eleven years and several kids later, I’m trying to run just half that distance and struggling.

I’m 37 after all. A bit old to chase a dream?

Apparently not.

Take a look at this article I saw in the paper.

According to this I should hit my running stride in 63 years!

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