Halloween Pics

It came out of their mouth…or at least I bet they thought it.

I’m going to save all these seeds.

If I could only get all this stuff out of here without having to touch it.

“If only the other Himalayan girls found such joy in the simple tasks.”


Two Face from Batman

Two Face from Texas

(Clothes from goodwill cut in half & sewed together – dress shirt, dress pants, tie, t-shirt, shorts)

About to go to Costume Piano Recital – no face paint or here…yet.

Dexter Jexter from Star Wars (anyone else not know about the cook in Star Wars?)

Dexter Jexter the Texas Cook

“He’s a cook. He has to have a messy apron. I want to put ketchup and mustard all over my apron.”

“Can I give you a hand with that?”

We had ourselves cracking up over that comment…oh, and putting the fingers up other people’s noses.

“Hurry up and take the shot. We can see trick or treaters and they’re getting ALL of the candy!”

mermaid costume here

“See this candy. Don’t touch my candy.”

Like mother, like daughter.

“Hey Mister, I have four hands so you can give me more candy.”

Yes. He really did say that.

All three of them: “Please. Please. Please. Can we have more than three pieces tonight?”




Notice that huge chunk of chocolate in her mouth? Nice, huh.

Halloween 2011 – All Done.

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