February Goals Revisited

So it’s that time again.

Time to review which goals I have officially accomplished in February and which ones I needed about 5 more days to complete.

*Get Yearly Photos FramedCheck! These will be ready to pick up in a week and I will share them with you.

*Pay Library FineCheck! We haven’t gone to the library in six months because I was convinced I had a large fine to pay. Turns out it was only $10.

*Make Birthday Skirt or Dress for My DaughterCheck! She wore the skirt to school on Monday and I’ll be sharing those pictures soon.

*Play more Music in the House Check! – I played some music but not as much as I would have liked, though going from no music to some still counts as a check in my book.

*Figure out How to Keep My Car CleanCheck! I think! So far so good in the clean department. I shared with you here how I started the process and next week I’m hoping to share with you some storage holders I made for the car.

*Do the Art Project with Andrew he’s been asking to doCheck! Go here to see the process

*Hang “I Love You” SignsCheck!

*Make Jeopardy Game for etsyFail! It’s about 20% complete – will bring this goal over to March

*Paint Bedroom Lamps and Buy New ShadesCheck! But not 100% sold on them yet. Will share soon.

*Read a Parenting BookCheck! I read How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Farber & Elaine Mazlish. I have to admit, I am not a big nonfiction reader so for me to read this is a big deal. I am so glad I decided to read it. The authors provide tons of scenarios and cartoons that show positive and negative ways parents and children interact. The book is meant to be used as a workbook but I chose to read it front to back since I wanted to make sure I completed it. Now that I’ve read the book through I’m going to go back and read each chapter more thoroughly and use it as a workbook.

One point the authors try and guide parents toward is not making all of the decisions and solving all of their children’s problems. One day Alex had a friend over and this was turning out to be a little difficult for Andrew. He wanted to be involved in all of their games and was feeling left out.

He came downstairs and said, “Alex and *** won’t let me play their game.”

I took my moment and seized it, “How does that make you feel?”

“It makes me angry and frustrated.”

Here was my biog move, “Ummmm.”

“I’m going to tell them I’m frustrated with them.”


I’m hoping for more of these moments when I read the book again.

*Host a Mardi Gras Party Check!   Go here for the door wreath and here for the decorations.

*Do not accumulate one single bag while shoppingCheck! I will admit I probably stretched out my purse a bit when I forgot my bags. Other times, I simply didn’t have enough bags so I would have the bagger just stick those remaining 8 items into the cart. I found myself saying several times, “I know it’s weird, it’s just a resolution I’m trying to keep. My friend emailed me about a great bag to use when out shopping for clothes so I have gone ahead and ordered one since placing new shirts in the bags that previously held onions is really not a smart choice.

*Scrapbook 10 pages in Andrew’s scrapbook Check! Barely. 10 pages done.

***As a side note, last month I had the goal to drop $100 from our food budget. I failed miserably since I didn’t keep an ongoing written list of spending. This month I redeemed us by spending $300 less than what we normally spend on groceries… so we are back on track.

Overall, I feel like I accomplished a lot this month so I know the list is helping me. But. And it’s a big but… I feel like the list is constantly looming over me. When I was sick for a week this month I worried about all the wasted time. I may shorten my list for March since there’s birthday parties to plan and a whole week of spring break – and we all know that nothing off the list will get done that week.

Have you accomplished anything this month your excited about?

5 thoughts on “February Goals Revisited

  1. Congratulations on achieving your goals. Very impressive. Me, I delivered a healthy baby and that’s about it…but that’s a big accomplishment in my books. 🙂

  2. I read Adele Farber’s 1st book many years ago and her “active listening” is what makes sense and it does work. If you guess wrong, then you try another feeling..Example….Alex and blank won’t let me play….Oh, Alex and blank won’t let you play, you must be upset/sad/angry…etc….If you are wrong , the kid tells you…it worked well on my children and it creates a “dialogue” as opposed to you solving their problem for them. After all, unless they are planning to take you to college…..you get it.

  3. I need to start making a list of things i want to accomplish in a month, i work so much better from a list. Nicely done for you!

  4. You got so much done in February! Wow! $300. saved?! You’re incredible! 10 scrapbook pages–amazing! The book sounds really good. Can’t believe you did all those things! Way to go!

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