New Car Smell

Yesterday was a big day for me . You see, I got my car detailed. Remember my goal of “figuring out how to keep my car clean,” well I took the first step today. I cleaned out the car completely and took it to get professionally cleaned.

Here’s the nightmare before:

I emptied out approximately…

30 books
6 activity books
12 pieces crayons
10 old granola bar wrappers
5 old snack containers
4 just in case diapers
3 just in case packs of wipes
16 old lollipop sticks
3 “I must have lost that sweatshirts”
and 65,000 goldfish pieces. 

One hour and $55 dollars later it was AMAZING! I have never spent money to have anyone clean the inside or outside of my car but I can highly recommend it now.

When we got in I said, “Just smell that new car smell.”

Andrew quickly responded, “Don’t worry that will go away soon.”

So now I’ve got to keep the car clean…I’m thinking my method will involve designated boxes and lots of reminding. Any tips before I get started on this master car cleaning plan?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “New Car Smell

  1. Amazing!!! Maybe you could develop some sort of contraption – bag or something – on the backs of every bucket seat where the kids can just put their books in, food leftovers, etc and assign each kid to a bag that they bring in every time they’re in the car?

  2. The only tip I have is to have an easily accessible vacuum. I have a handheld, cordless vacuum mounted on the wall in my garage which allows me to easily remove any mess in car seats, the carpet, and especially those pesky goldfish remnants – all in less than 2 minutes! Other than that, toys, wrappers, shoes, books, etc – they end up in a pile next to the garage door. Better in the garage than the car!

  3. “Don’t worry, it will go away soon”. Hahaha!! Sad! I LOVE that feeling of getting into a freshly cleaned and washed car. It makes the entire vehicle feel newer.

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