Lamp Opinions Needed…

One of my February goals is to paint my lamps and get new lampshades for them.

This is currently how they look….

sorry for the poor pictures – still waiting to buy a good camera

The uneven lamps will be taken care of eventually with new side tables but that’s for another month.

I have 4 options for color schemes but am having trouble deciding on one.

Currently we do not have a headboard but there is one waiting to be painted in our garage. I think it will end up  black.

Here are the options:

Version 1 – green bases with white shades

(the green would be more subdued as it is in the large pillows )

Version 2 – black bases with white shades

Version 3 – white bases with burlap shades

Version 4 – black bases with burlap shades

So what do you think?

Leave me which option you think would look best in the comment section.

And PLEASE don’t tell me to get new bedding…I just made the pillows in January 🙂

17 thoughts on “Lamp Opinions Needed…

  1. Hmmmm….I went back to your pillow post to get a close up view of the pillow fabric to try to decide what I would advise you to do. I think that for a change of pace, you should go on and paint the bases black (to tie in with your headboard in the works). I’m leaning towards the burlap shades…I think they would co-ordinate with the pillows that you made and look nice against the light blue wall. IMHO.

  2. All your options are really cute … but if I had to vote, I’d say black lamp base with burlap shades. Ties everything together nicely. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. I like version 2, the black base with the white shade. Hopefully Krista sees this post b/c she has a great eye for design and will be able chime in. Hope that you’re feeling better Jen…loved the Valentine’s post by the way.

  4. Just a thought I had – you can stack some big, coffee table type books under the ‘shorter’ lamp to make it look the same as the other one, that would trick you into thinking they’re level with each other. As for the lamps – I do actually like the lamps you have now! If you want to change them, I would do the last option – maybe have some sort of design on the shades though to add a bit of pattern? (I look at my plain shades all the time and think about doing something to add more interest but haven’t ever got around to it!)

  5. Good Morning! Found you on the Mingle 🙂 I say black with burlap. It coordinates enough with your pillows to allow your contrast color to pop.

  6. I too like the black base with the white shade, it’s clean and crisp. Great minds think alike Dee!

  7. Black lamp with either the burlap or white shade. And I like the previous posters comment about adding books to the bottom of the lamp to add height – evenly. I might give that a try too!

  8. I like the shades the way they are…adds something interesting. Paint the bases white/off white and then try the shades with that again.

  9. 4 & burlap shades are a must. Love the warmth & texture they’ll bring. And, not to make things more complicated, but what about a really dark color as an alternative to black? Like an indigo blue (almost black but richer) or there are some really wonderful deep plums and eggplants trending for 2013/14.

  10. I was on 15th street in down town plano they had they coolest lamps made out of wine bottles. I once looked up how to make your own lamps. I am sending you the link. It looked awesome, unfortunately I haven’t done it yet. Maybe you can get me started.
    okay found a few: Was awhile ago when I searched, so not sure if this is exactly it.

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