Sleeping in a Fort

Summer time around here means lots of fort building.

The last one they built with their Dad. He added some great modifications which kept the tent up through a few wrestling episodes.

They have loved it!

For the past 3 nights all three kids have slept in the fort together.

They love having books read to them in there and being together.

One of my favorite parts of them sleeping in the fort is the giggling and conversations that come from there.

The only negative has been that they tend to fall asleep a little later than normal and all get up at the same time.

But to me there’s no bigger comfort in knowing they are all together.

And sleeping on top of each other and not on me 🙂


***Update: The kids have added a trench to their fort. They created it from toy boxes and chairs. They are now officially pretending to be in the French Resistance Army. They are wearing winter hats and mittens – I guess this happens when you have a 10 year old who loves reading about World Wars***

Look Here!

Things intelligent adults say to try and make kids smile in a picture:

Look here!

Hey! Hey!! Hey!

 La la la la la la la la la


Grown up people yelling, flailing body parts, making faces, all to get a child to look at them.

Really foolish but for some reason it’s parenting skill #1,542 that you must have.


Taking pictures with one child can be challenging.

Throw in a few more kids and you’ve got yourself a real party.

We attempted this impossible feat when we were in Florida a few weeks ago.


I now present to you, “The Cousin Pictures: A Contrast in Feelings.”

The following two pictures are an ode to their love of animals.

Ahhhhhhh! So close. Three children looking, two children pointing out passing adults who might be willing to rescue them and take them away from these awful adults who keep yelling at them.

Oh no, the tables have turned, now it’s only two who are looking and the littlest one thinks everyone is crazy.

I think these are my favorites.

I call them, “A Portrait of Misery Meets Joy.”

A mercy peek to see if there’s been a change.

Is his misery making her happy? We might have some issues in a few years.

And sadly this is the best of them…

Two kids smiling at the camera, one smiling at the other, a happy baby, and a gorilla.


***Free Slurpee Day is tomorrow (Wed) at 7 – Eleven from 11 am – 7 am ******

All About Me!

I just added a new All About Me form for kids to fill out in my etsy shop.

This form is great because your child can document all kinds of fun information about themselves.

Even better, you can see how their answers change year after year.

The form comes in three different colors: blue, yellow, and pink.

I loved seeing how much Andrew dislikes sloppy joes, that Alex loved learning about Texas History in 4th grade, and that my 3 year old wants to enter the very noble profession of “being a princess when I grow up.”

This would be such a fun form for students to fill out at school, in Sunday school class, in Girl Scouts, as new birthday tradition, or just a way to spend a little time this summer.

If your interested in the All About Me form, visit my etsy shop here.



Just a few observations I’ve had recently.

Not really enough for a blog post but still they make you go, “Hmmm.”


#1 – The other day I was pumping gas when I noticed the woman across from me holding her Pomeranian while pumping gas.

Really? Are you Fran Dressier or something? I’m pretty sure the dog would be just find in the car for five minutes.


#2 -The boys picked up a free circus poster the other day.

While looking at the poster, my three year old said, “It’s Uncle Ryan!”

The boys and I both said, “What?”

Caroline pointed to the picture of the man on the poster and said, “It’s Ryan.”

She is convinced it’s my brother who just graduated law school.

So Ryan, please let us know if you’ve thrown a law profession to the wind and joined the circus.

And, oh yes. Let us know if you’ve shaved your head.

The man in the picture is riding an elephant and has a bald head.

She’s convinced it’s Uncle Ryan.


#3 – I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner the other day.

“Derek, we’re having pasta for dinner what do you want to drink?”


He said milk, people. You can’t have milk with pasta, it’s just wrong.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

We’ve got a swim meet and hopefully a trip to the movies planned.