Just a few observations I’ve had recently.

Not really enough for a blog post but still they make you go, “Hmmm.”


#1 – The other day I was pumping gas when I noticed the woman across from me holding her Pomeranian while pumping gas.

Really? Are you Fran Dressier or something? I’m pretty sure the dog would be just find in the car for five minutes.


#2 -The boys picked up a free circus poster the other day.

While looking at the poster, my three year old said, “It’s Uncle Ryan!”

The boys and I both said, “What?”

Caroline pointed to the picture of the man on the poster and said, “It’s Ryan.”

She is convinced it’s my brother who just graduated law school.

So Ryan, please let us know if you’ve thrown a law profession to the wind and joined the circus.

And, oh yes. Let us know if you’ve shaved your head.

The man in the picture is riding an elephant and has a bald head.

She’s convinced it’s Uncle Ryan.


#3 – I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner the other day.

“Derek, we’re having pasta for dinner what do you want to drink?”


He said milk, people. You can’t have milk with pasta, it’s just wrong.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

We’ve got a swim meet and hopefully a trip to the movies planned.

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  1. Umm yeah milk with pasta sounds terrible. Although I’m not much of a milk fan if it doesn’t come with cookies 🙂

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