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A Christmas Tradition of Santa Giving Books

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago since it is my most popular post ever – plus the time is perfect***just to clarify a few things which I have been asked – the post office gives anyone those airmail … Continue reading

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Holiday Eating

I just ate 2 pounds of toffee in the last day and a half, proving that buying desserts at Costco should be outlawed. Fortunately, those calories have been completely negated as I drank skim milk with said toffee thus insuring … Continue reading

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Easy Advent Calendar with a Paper Bag

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago – the only change I will be making for this years advent calendar will be at the end of this post***and sadly, I have to report that there was no big Powerball … Continue reading

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Our Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food, and fun. We had all of that. Plus a whole lot of vomit. Yes, family, food, fun, and vomit – all parts of our Thanksgiving celebration. And unlike many of you who only … Continue reading

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October Gaols Reviewed

In addition to a busy and eventful October, I started a new part time job. Therefore, all of my October goals were not completed. Add 1 item to etsy shop – Fail! Touch Up Paint Downstairs – Check!¬† Walked around … Continue reading

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Halloween 2012

A little late with the Halloween pictures…I had to grab pictures from three different occasions since getting 3 kids to all smile (a normal smile) at the same time is apparently impossible. I present to you…An Army Man, Wonder Woman, … Continue reading

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Halloween Mantle – A New Addition

Here’s our Halloween mantle this year… left side… right side… middle… and the new addition this year… old white shutters from the Habitat Store…painted purple…with black netting draped over them…with spiders placed as a finishing touch… ¬†Happy Halloween!

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Front Yard Halloween Sign

In a previous post I mentioned that I liked this Halloween decoration… Well, our family made our own using materials we already had. In the garage we found planks of wood from a pallet (for the place signs) and then … Continue reading

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Halloween Party Ideas

Starting to mentally prepare for our Halloween party: List of food possibilities Fixing up the patio area Finish Decorating House Clean House Front of House Decorations And within each of those projects listed are twenty-three million things to do. But … Continue reading

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Printable Halloween Dinner Conversation Cards – New to Etsy!

So I’ve spent the last few months thinking about Halloween. Believe it or not, I started putting together these cards in June and am so excited to finally say they are done! The Halloween Dinner Conversation Set includes: 31 cards … Continue reading

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