Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test on Etsy!

Do you remember the gender prediction test from my sister’s shower?

Well, I’ve finally listed it up on etsy so it’s available for everyone.

If you are hosting a gender neutral shower this is the perfect party game to play.

This test includes 14 Old Wives’ Tale questions with their boy/girl responses,

sample photos of the finished product,

and the gender circles,


This test is guaranteed to provide laughter and a good time at your next shower!

It’s listed for the bargain price of $1.95 right now.

The price listed will be the price for only 72 hours – Monday morning the price will be higher

So go ahead and pick up your Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test!

(This test is to be considered as a fun baby shower game – The results are not 100% accurate.)

*Next week the Baby Measurement Guessing Cards will be on sale*

Lots of Shoe Storage

Here’s my latest find at the Habitat store. Bought it for $30.

(And yes, those are Caroline’s Wonder Woman red boots below)

When I opened up the trunk of my car my husband was a little less than thrilled.

Maybe that’s because I had brought home a night table (which will require a paint job) for him the day before.

I told him, no worries, all we have to do is clean it up a bit and it’s ready to go – no work on our part.

Although I might have fibbed a little bit.

I was thinking about adding a little something to it with paint – roman numerals, shoe sizes, etc.

What do you think I should do with this piece?

Leave it as is or add a little something?


Remember when I went bathing suit shopping?ย  Here’s a little snippet of that trip.

I found the bathing suit department in Dillard’s and quickly scanned the racks and racks of options.

I spent the next twenty minutes loading down my arms full of tops, bottoms, and full suits.

The dressing room was full so I had to wait in the little waiting area until one became available.

A teenager came out of the dressing room in this horrible little dress and looked at her friend who was standing next to me.

“What do you think?”

I thought the answer was obvious.

You look awful! You look like you should be walking the streets! Take that off!

Apparently I was wrong.

“You look great. I love that on you.”

People. Let me describe this doozey of an outfit to you.

It was a short black, teal, and white dress with the white part in the back covering her rear end.

There were cut outs on each side of the dress which exposed her stomach plus it had a cut out in the back.

The girl was squeezed into this dress which was obviously three sizes two small.

It looked painful and pitiful.

And this girl was pretty. She could have looked amazing in a different dress but instead she looked awful.

But there her friend was insisting, “You look great. You can definitely wear that to the movies.”

The girl decided to buy the dress and I just hope her mom had an ounce of sense and refused to let her wear it.

If asked, I would have suggested ditching the dress and the friend.

Blue Hair Special in Target

I was walking through Target the other day when I looked up and noticed I was about to pass two older women.

As I walked by, one of the women said, “I love your necklace dear.”

I responded with a thank you and went on my way.

But then I wondered…

Should I be concerned that a woman in her 80’s likes my necklace?

Does it mean my style is more like an elderly woman’s that I thought?

Would it change your opinion to know that this eighty year old woman was wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, yellow jeans, and leopard print shoes?

I think it means I better ditch the black shorts and plain white t-shirt and dress more like the elderly.

They seem to have it going on these days ๐Ÿ™‚

March Goals Revisited

So let’s see how many of my March goals I accomplished:

Paint headboard – Does it count that it’s in the garage ready to be painted? Nope.

Make family subway art for hallway Check! I’ll show it to you soon.

Buy a pair of quality sunglassesCheck and check! Why two? I bought a pair of outrageously expensive ($300) sunglasses (Gucci baby!) but decided I just couldn’t pay that much, so they are sitting on my counter waiting to be returned. I did compromise and buy myself a pair of sunglasses at the $90 range (Michael Kors) and am going to keep those. If this seems like a waste of money, just remember I’ve never bough a pair of sunglasses that was more than $10, plus it was a goal, I had to follow through ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a picture of the sunglasses I finally settled on. And by the way, they look exactly like the $300 pair and the $10 pair. Apparently as much as I wanted to step out of my little fashion box, I just can’t.

Buy only environmentally friendly cleaning productsCheck! Although these products are typically more expensive I only had to buy three this month and I feel good about buying safer products for our family. I found that all of these products worked well and I plan on buying them again once they are used up. Here are the three that I bought:

Mrs. Meyer’ Liquid Dish Soap

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator (used on clothes)

Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner

Make Jeopardy game for etsy Nope, not again.

Learn how to finally take pictures off the camera Check!

Organize Caroline’s room & closet (plus the toys)Check!

Take some kid chosen spring break field tripsCheck!

Date night with hubbyCheck!

Scrapbook 10 pages in Alex’s scrapbookNope! Ugh!

Time sort of got away from me at the end of the month so I plan to carry over the goals I didn’t accomplish to this month.

How you do in accomplishing some goals?

Mary Poppins Hat

I’m pretty sure everyone guessed from this clue that we had a Mary Poppins 3rd birthday party.

And if you have a Mary Poppins party, you have to have a Mary Poppins hat.

1 – Go to Target and buy a $1 bin Easter hat.

2- Do nothing with the hat for days since your daughter insists on doing her best Minnie Pearl impression.

3 – Confiscate the hat when she’s not looking

4 – Deny you have any knowledge of the hats whereabouts

5 – Take off pink ribbon

6 – Spray paint it black

7 – Glue on some fake cherries and flowers from the dollar store

8 – Find the hat and present to your Mary Poppins obsessed daughter.

9 – Delight in her joy of wearing the hat and singing,”Let’s Go Fly a Kite.”

I apologize ahead of time for the fact that you will now sing this all day long ๐Ÿ™‚

Go here to see the Mary Poppins party activities


How long have you stood looking into your pantry trying to decide what to eat?

I think I stood there for 5 minutes today before coming out with a granola bar.

A granola bar, that’s it. Nothing exciting.

You’d think the choice would have been easier since yesterday I went to Costco and spent $170 on groceries.

But alas, it seems I didn’t buy the cheeseburger in a box that would have made me oh so happy.

Damn my store buying will power.

Soapy Solution

I hate the liquid soap bottle on my counter. I think it junks up the place.

Yep. It’s definitely junks up the place.

A few days ago I was cruising through the blog Simcoe Street when I saw the solution I had been searching for. Jenny used an olive oil cruet to store her dish soap. Bingo! I literally left the house three days later immediately and bought my own cruet with stopper at Walmart.

I put too much dish soap inย  initially so I was skeptical as to whether this was really a brilliant solution. But now I think I have the perfect water to soap combo and love it.

Yes, it definitely gives the counter a cleaner look.

Anyone else rushing out to get their own cruet?


Halloween Giving

As a parent, I am always trying to find ways to help instill “giving” and “thinking of others” in my children. My kids are very blessed and I would like them to view themselves that way one day, even now. I think it can be a delicate balance to try and keep kids innocent while at the same time allowing them to be informed people.ย  I try and choose opportunities which allow them to make some choices and feel ownership in their giving.

I was reading the paper a week ago when I came across this brief news item.

Kids Hospital Seeks Halloween Costumes

I instantly felt this was a project my kids could be involved in. This was the same hospital we had visited only a month earlier. Honestly, I hadn’t thought once about the kids at the hospital in October. I always thought about families celebrating Christmas at the hospital but never Halloween.

The costumes needed to be new and in a bag to limit germ exposure. They were looking for costumes in size 10 and up and 2 and under.

I showed the kids the article and asked them if they wanted to participate. The catch was that I asked them to donate $1 of their money to help cover the costs, I would pay the difference. My six year old immediately said yes while my nine year old was hesitant. After a little pressure from his brother he agreed.

After school one day I took them to the Halloween store and let them choose a costume to donate. They examined the costumes for fifteen minutes, discussing each one in detail.

They finally settled on a Clone Trooper costume from Star Wars. Caroline and I settled on a ladybug costume as our choice.

We paid for the costumes and left.

I was extremely proud of my children. Not once did the boys ask for a costume or an accessory and not once did they complain that their costumes were made from Goodwill clothing.

The kids went with my husband to the hospital to drop off the costumes. They left them at the front desk for the child life specialist to pick up and bring back to some deserving child.

Hopefully two ill children or their siblings will enjoy dressing up and being a kid in those costumes. More importantly, I hope this is a giving tradition our family will continue for many years.



I just got back yesterday from a week long trip to Canada and am quite tired.

However, I did manage to get myself to a store today.

Our pantry was bare, the freezer empty, and a lone carton of inedible blueberries sat in the fridge.

Naturally, my first stop was to the craft store.

Eight days without a single moment of crafting is unheard of around here.

After landing, I managed to wait sixteen whole hours before I stuck my foot into my heaven on earth.

The trip started out innocent enough.

I was just going to return a few items.

Somehow this happened.

I needed them.

I had to have them.

They were on SALE.

Now you understand.

My husband not so much.


In other news, Elizabeth is featuring my Halloween party food on her Act Fast Chef blog today.


Go on over and check out her blog for some great recipes.

Have a great weekend!