Big D & Me’s Favorite Things Winner is…

Here’s a quick recap of the items someone

is about to win in Big D & Me’s Favorite Things….

1 bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips!


1 bottle of Butter’s polish!


1 package of Roll-Ups!


and 1 container of this face scrub!


I’ve enjoyed hearing about everyone’s favorite things right now. I’ve listed what I’m going to try from each of your entries

#1 – From Katie: I will have to get some Mike & Ike’s next time we go to the movies (I don’t think I’ve ever tried them)

#2 – From Mindy: I’m going to have to try the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

#3 – From Michelle Paige: I want to try the microwave kettle corn and read the books you suggested.

#4 – Kelly – Loved your sun dress from Target – maybe you could send it down to for a weekend for me 🙂

#5 – Amanda – Love crab cakes also and your sweet baby girl!

#6 – KateC – I’m going to need to try the Burt’s Bees eye cream for sensitive eyes. Of course, in my case, I’m just using it for old tired eyes 🙂

#7 – Dyan – Crackle nail polish would be fun, I’ll have to give it a try.

#8 – Jenny – I had never heard of BB cream but after reading about it I’m definitely going to have to try it.

#9 – Jess – You crack me up with your accordion. Can’t wait to see you next featured on “America’s Got Talent.”

#10 – Christina – I must try the cookie butter, another item I had never heard of.

And the winner is…

Drum roll please…..


Katie you are the winner!

Congratulations! You’ve got some goodies headed your way!

I’ll email you and get your information so you can receive your prizes!

To everyone: have a wonderful weekend enjoying some of your favorite things!

Growing Up Too Fast

The other day I noticed the house was quiet.

As a parent you dream about these moments but when they occur you just know someone is up to something.

As I walked into my bathroom to investigate, I saw this…


I sneaked back to grab the camera and only managed to catch her fleeing.


“What were you doing?”

“I was trying on your nipples.”

I’m trying to decide whether the next 14 years will go slowly or very quickly with this girl.

NW. Really?

North West.


I mean, it could have at least been Knorth West.

Surprisingly, I would have preferred that.

Her name sounds like a 16 year old picked it out because it’s funny.

I know Kate and William will do better.

It would be hard not to.

Currently, the odds are on:

Alexandra 5 – 2

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana 6 – 1

Victoria 7 – 1

North 0 – never, ever, ever, because they love their kid!

My prediction is Charlotte Caroline Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor.

Just rolls off the tongue.

Charlotte, because it’s elegant and royal sounding.

Caroline, after Kate’s mom Carole.

Spencer, a twist to the homage to Diana.

Mountbatten-Windsor, because apparently that will be the last name. Who knew?

Of course, they may ditch royal rules and go with Winner Winter Winterizing Windsor if they go the way of Kim and Kanye.

I wonder what the bookies say about that option?

What are your guesses for the royals newest arrival? 

Girl or Boy?


*Remember to enter the giveaway if you haven’t done so already!

Beach Bum

Our family is driving home today after spending a week at the beach.

It’s our annual family gathering and we had tons of fun (at least that’s what I am anticipating).

I’m so glad I cleaned the entire house, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, cleaned the bathrooms, made my bed before we left.

Once we get home, I’m planning on popping those frozen pizzas into the oven, throwing some laundry into the machine, and plopping myself on the couch.

After all, no need to rush into any cleaning too soon since it’s practically all done.

My Favorite Things – Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things!

You know what #5 is?

It’s YOU!

I want to thank all of you who support Big D & Me both professionally and more importantly personally.

All of your kind comments and encouragement really do lift me up.

I know you’re saying so what, you appreciate us. We wanted something good today.

Well…  are in luck because you could be a big winner!

You could win items from Day #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Ha! Fooled you.

See I’m just like Oprah!

You see, I’m giving one lucky reader this from Day #1


this from Day #2


this from Day #3


and this from Day #4


So go ahead and…

Leave me a comment sharing an item that is currently on your favorites list.

Just by leaving a comment you could be a winner!

One person will be announced as the winner on June 28th!

My Favorite Things – Day 4

Welcome to Day #4 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things

Today’s favorite thing is actually 2 face products that I recently found and am loving.

Both products are form YES To. Inc. – I’ve bought mine at both Target and Walmart (though Amazon has them for cheaper I just discovered).

First up is the grapefruit facial scrub ( good for Correcting & Repairing – Yes, please! )


I use this scrub at night on my face and neck and occasionally on my arms, back, and legs. Let’s face it after all, there’s a lot of correcting and repairing that needs to be done.

After I finish exfoliating in the shower, I get out and rub the Deep Wrinkle and Night Cream on. The product claims it “reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles in 7 days!”


While I’m not sure it’s true, I certainly have thought my skin looks better.

Here’s what the package says about some of it’s ingredients:

Wild Acacia – This sustainably harvested African pant is clinically proven to visibly & immediately decrease wrinkle depth by tightening skin polymers and dermal matrix, leading to smoother, younger-looking skin.

Cupuacu Seed Butter – A natural emollient rich in fatty acids that helps the skin retain moisture, improves elasticity, and plumps skin thought its Phytosterols that replace lipid loss in skin.

Blueberries – Rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Anthocyanins to help fight the formation of free radicals that can damage the skin’s microstructure.

Sounds more like a fruit salad to me but I am loving it non the less.

So far I am using the products every other day and have no complaints.

Alright, that wraps up Day 4 of Big D & Me’s favorite things..we’ll wrap up this fun series tomorrow with Day  5.

My Favorite Things – Day 3

Welcome to Day #3 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things

What’s today’s favorite thing?

Why it’s my favorite sandwich in the whole. wide. world.


It’s actually my  answer to Subway’s delicious flat bread veggie sandwich. If I had not found my own version there’s a good chance I would have eaten our grocery budget for the month in these – I love this sandwich so much!

So here’s how I make my favorite sandwich:

Start with this yummy flatbread – I buy ours at Costco.


Melt your favorite cheese on it – give me a break people, it’s a veggie sandwich, I deserve some cheese.


Chop your favorite toppings: red onions, cucumbers, banana peppers, spinach, & tomato.


Add some spicy mustard


Pile everything on (and yes, that’s another flatbread on top ready to go after I eat this first sandwich)


Roll and devour 🙂


So there you have Day #3 of Big D & Me’s favorite things.

Come back to tomorrow for Day 4!

My Favorite Things – Day 2

Welcome to Day #2 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things.

What’s today item?

Well, it’s something to help beautify us….

Butter Nail Polish!


I spotted this nail polish as I was walking through Dillard’s one day and was drawn to the fun pops of color.

I am cuurently sporting the Fiver Nail  Lacquer which is mint green.


While it’s a little pricey, the polish is a fun splurge & it certainly dresses up those cute summer sandals.

Considering trying this Jaffa Orange next..


Come back tomorrow for Big D & Me’s Favorite Things Day #3!

My Favorite Things – Day 1

This week is going to be just like when Oprah had her favorite thing shows.

Although it will be slightly  different in that nothing is being given away and everything is actually affordable.

Other than that, it’s exactly like Oprah’s favorite things!

So let’s get this week started by showing off Day #1’s item…

drum  roll please….

Stacy’s Pita Chips


These chips are seriously delicious!

Every time I’m in the grocery store I just stare at these chips and know I should not pick up the bag because if I do I will eat the entire bag.

This is not a joke. I can finish off the Costco size bag of these chips, completely on my  own, in roughly 48 hours.

Gross. Disgusting. Sick I know.

But sooooooooo good.

My favorite are the Simply Naked Pita Chips but I have been known to consume a bag or two of the Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips as well. They also have vegetable & cheese flavors.

Seriously, go pick yourself up a bag of these babies. Delish!

Come back for Day #2 of Big D & Me’s Favorite Things tomorrow!