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Sleep Help

I am not a good sleeper. I have to have a fan on, a sleep machine, and the air about 65 degrees. Even with all of that, I toss and turn some nights, all night long. So I was excited … Continue reading

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Gilmore Girls: Where are they now?

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the Gilmore Girls and I loved it. In fact, I went through all 7 seasons in a few months. And I wanted to move to Stars Hollow pronto. Sookie, Lorelai Rory, … Continue reading

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Classic, Must See Movies

I’m talking movies today so I’m sure you think I’m going to discuss the Golden Globes or the Oscars. Unless we’re talking fashion it will be hard for me to discuss any of the nominated movies this year because I … Continue reading

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Shark Week

This is “Shark Week” on the Discovery channel and the boys have enjoyed it immensely. Each night they watch one of the hour long shows and discuss it afterwards as they go to bed. Enthusiastic retellings of vicious attacks, stories … Continue reading

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Little Rocker

A few weeks ago Oprah had a show featuring women rockers Caroline danced along with every set but particularly enjoyed Joan Jett Miley Cyrus sang with Joan Jett but I made sure to tell Caroline to ignore her Go ahead … Continue reading

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A New Focus?

Maybe what I need right now is a new focus – something to direct my energy toward until I get the a-okay from the doctor to be out and about again. After browsing tons of TV shows and way too … Continue reading

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I’m slowly making it day by day. I didn’t cry yesterday and I haven’t cried yet today. I know it’s okay if I do and okay if I don’t. There are a couple of things helping me get through this … Continue reading

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