I’m slowly making it day by day.

I didn’t cry yesterday and I haven’t cried yet today.

I know it’s okay if I do and okay if I don’t.

There are a couple of things helping me get through this experience besides my husband, my family, and my friends. I could never find the right words to express what they have meant to me so I’ll talk about the other things for now.

Peanut M & M’s – seriously!

I am now on my 3rd bag of peanut M&M’s and I’m fine with it. I sit with a huge glass of milk and my bowl of chocolate goodness. I’m drinking skim milk with the M&M’s so it’s practically a healthy snack – thank goodness since I just happen to partake in this roughly 4 times a day.

The Gilmore Girls

I’m not sure where I was during the 7 years this show was on. I had never seen an episode before a friend gave me all 7 seasons 2 weeks ago. I’m currently midway through season 2 and loving it. I’m not sure if it’s the witty dialogue of the main characters or just a way to escape for 40 minutes that has me hooked.


I have made small trips out of the house whether it be to the grocery store or to return movies. I’m really not ready to drive anywhere where I might see friends yet. I think I could still break out in tears when they ask, ”How are you doing?” So… I’m avoiding that for now. It’s been good to get out of the house though and my car has helped me make the first initial steps of getting back in touch with the world.

Well, I guess it’s time to to grab some M&M’s and go find out what’s happening in Stars Hollow this week.

No need to get back in touch with the world all in one day.

4 thoughts on “Slowly

  1. I love the Gilmore Girls too! My roommates loved it so I quickly started watching it with them…probably during Season 3 or 4. So I’ve seen that through the ending but might need to pick it up from the beginning…thanks for planting that thought in me. I’m home all weekend by myself 🙂

  2. Mmmmmmmm…..peanut M&Ms. Something I’ve so missed having around because of Andy’s allergies! And peanut butter, and peanut butter chocolate ice cream!! I still have some every now and then, careful to either brush my teeth right away OR avoid my son.

  3. What a wonderful way to spend your day – in Stars Hollow!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! I have all 7 seasons myself, was a loyal fan from the beginning. Also fully approve of your snack choice – peanut M&Ms rock! Still thinking of you, often. (((HUGS)))

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