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Father’s Day Printable

Father’s Day printables are flying around blogland but I decided to create my own. Alex and Andrew filled out their “All About My Dad” forms and will give them to Derek on Father’s Day along with a story they are … Continue reading

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Lego Mini Figure Party Boards

For Andrew’s Lego party we created large wooden character boards. During the party we took pictures of each guest behind the boards. When Andrew sent a thank you card in the mail, each guest also received a photo of himself … Continue reading

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Junk Drawer

I opened our junk drawer for the last time today. Well, at least until it gets cluttered again but let’s focus on the now. Here’s the before: I cut up cereal boxes, granola boxes, and used an old thank you … Continue reading

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Lost Tooth

Right before Andrew turned 6 he discovered he had a loose tooth. He was obsessed with everyone else in his class losing their teeth. Everyday he would come home with an update and his desperation was clear. “Nicholas has lost … Continue reading

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Stretching It

As I sit here writing this post there’s a good chance I won’t be able to get out of my chair when I’m done. You see, I tried a new exercise class today. The new class I took today was … Continue reading

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14 years ago today I said, “I do.” I was pretty naive at 23 and thought I got a wonderful husband on that rainy May day. What I didn’t realize is how much more I got. I got someone willing … Continue reading

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Lego Bingo

For Andrew’s 6th birthday party we had wonderful plans… Early May is typically hot in Texas so we planned on taking the kids to the park to use water balloons and play. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Except…that it turned out … Continue reading

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Little Rocker

A few weeks ago Oprah had a show featuring women rockers Caroline danced along with every set but particularly enjoyed Joan Jett Miley Cyrus sang with Joan Jett but I made sure to tell Caroline to ignore her Go ahead … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Party

I have been to a few home parties in my time – scrapbook parties, stamp parties, and candle parties to name a few. But never a Pure Romance party. Where should I find out about this party you ask? Why … Continue reading

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Little Girl Swim Suits – soooo cute!

Last week we looked at summer dresses for us. This week it’s all about little girls and their swimsuits. Take a look at these adorable options. I choose all one pieces because something about little bitty girls in bikinis creeps … Continue reading

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