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Howdy folks! Living in Texas lends itself to many “dressing western” days at school. Seeing as I don’t particularly embrace boots and hats we often struggle to come up with an appropriate costume on those days. The boys have never … Continue reading

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Rub-a-dub dub, 2 kids in a tub! Have a bubbly weekend!

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It was for My Health

Made some oatmeal cookies today. Used this label on the container as the justification for eating almost all of them before anyone else could. I’m pretty sure if I had to have my cholesterol read right now it would be … Continue reading

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Blue Hair Special in Target

I was walking through Target the other day when I looked up and noticed I was about to pass two older women. As I walked by, one of the women said, “I love your necklace dear.” I responded with a … Continue reading

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Angry Bird Cakes

My boys recently had a combined birthday party and they requested an Angry Birds Cake. Actually they requested a cake with angry bird lacrosse players who were shooting goals on opponents. It’s nice that they think so highly of my … Continue reading

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Last weekend Caroline and I were at the playground during Alex’s lacrosse practice. She was quite content to just swing and swing. After awhile, two little girls walked up and got on the swings to her left. Caroline proceeded to … Continue reading

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I was driving home from piano lessons with my children in the car. My six year old shouted, “Mom, I smell pizza.” I had just silently farted. Sure brings new meaning to the phrase, “cutting the cheese.”  🙂

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I love you because…

One of  my Januaray goals was to hang the “I love you because” signs which I bought from Kiki Creates when she was having an “oops sale.” The defect in the prints turned out to be the white rim around … Continue reading

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How would you spend $11.90 if you had it? 11 $1 items at McDonald’s? 4 pairs of socks?  1 lunch with the ladies? Here’s how my 3 year old spends $11.90 when I’m in the shower… Next time I’m just … Continue reading

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Tomorrow I’m flying to California to see my sister who is also flying in for the weekend trip. We are going to the Florence and the Machines concert on Saturday night. While it’s exciting and a very needed trip, I … Continue reading

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