I love you because…

One of  my Januaray goals was to hang the “I love you because” signs which I bought from Kiki Creates when she was having an “oops sale.”

The defect in the prints turned out to be the white rim around them. Eventually I will add a little black border to cover that up, but hey, they went up in January and it’s still not done so don’t hold your breath.

I bought cheap IKEA frames to display them on the wall (I think the frames were $3 for a pair).

the view coming down our stairs – everyone sits on the stairs to put their shoes on so I thought this would be the perfect spot.

Current and previous entries…

“you love to dress up”

“you love to have stories read to you”

“you love your brothers”

“your laugh is contagious”

“you have a passion for animals”

“you have found a love of reading”

“Your smile makes me smile”

“You love to listen to NPR with me”

“You are a wonderful big brother”

The kids immediately notice when a new reason has been posted so it’s fun to listen and watch them discuss it. Which reminds me, I need to go write something new right now.

*Here’s Kiki’s original post which inspired me to put these prints up in our house*

6 thoughts on “I love you because…

  1. This is wonderful! We tell them we love them all the time, but to have something concrete to look at – as often as they’d like – is great. I’m going to implement this idea!!! Though it’s much harder to hang stuff on plaster walls. (I miss drywall.) Maybe I’ll tape it onto their closet doors…. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh – it’s a dry erase deal on glass. Much smarter – and harder to “tape” onto a closet. I’ll figure something out.

  3. I think you need to put 2 more up…one of you and one of derek! and let the kids fill in the reasons!

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