The Grocery Game

Last night I drove to the grocery store to get several important items for our family: milk, ice cream cones, peanut M&M’s, chapstick, allergy medicine, People magazine, and InStyle magazine. (You just wouldn’t believe how Andrew has been hounding me to get the latest InStyle issue.)

I imagined other people playing the grocery game as I passed them. The grocery game for me is making up stories about people based off of what’s in their cart.

When you see a guy with 10 cans of Spaghetti-o’s, a pack of beer, and a bag of donuts in his cart, certain assumptions can be made.

1. He’s not going home to anyone else.

2. He’s about to watch some sort of sporting event on TV.

3. Flannel shirts are probably a regular part of his wardrobe.

I wonder what assumptions flannel man would have made about my cart.


Yesterday morning Caroline woke up early.

As she was cruising around the house I was doing some laundry.

I suddenly became aware that I hadn’t seen her for awhile.

Worse yet. It was quiet.

Quiet = Trouble

So I went looking for her.

As I rounded the corner of my bedroom I noticed the fridge door was open.

This is what I saw.

caroline eating out of fridgeShe was helping herself to left over doughnuts in the fridge.

caroline doughnutSelf-sufficient:

1. Able to provide for oneself without the help of others; independent

2. Having undue confidence; smug

3. Caroline