Old Timey

My husband and nine year old went to a hockey game with my son’s friend and his dad.

The friend was asking all kinds of questions to his dad.

“What year did the Stars first have a team? Why do the referees where black and white stripes? What’s the most popular kind of skate used by the players?

The dad turned around and said to his son, “What do you think I am?…An encyclopedia?”

The friend scrunched up his face and said, “What’s an encyclopedia?”

Alex, ever the knowledgeable one said, “It’s sort of like an old timey Wikipedia.”

Spring Fun

Thankfully picking flowers and catching ladybugs has become a new favorite activity while waiting for her brothers to finish various practices.

Unfortunately, we will have to find a new activity soon due to over picking and the fact that every lady bug in the field will have been squished to death.

This Weekend

2 soccer games +

1 lacrosse game +

1 BBQ at friends +

1 hair coloring appointment that went wrong (I had thick blond tiger stripes on my head) and required a redo so the appointment took about 3 hours +

1 high energy friend over to play with the boys

= none of mommy’s work getting done.

Must work on something now.


I don’t have much of a blog post today because I spent the time I should have been writing at the grocery store.

You can blame my children.

I do.

After school around 4:30 yesterday I had a hankering for some cookies or ice cream. We didn’t have any at home so I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the store to buy some cookies. (They of course, would not have had any until after dinner while I would have stood in the pantry and shoved a handful into my mouth while cooking dinner).

In answer to my cookie question, they said, “Nope. Don’t really feel like cookies right now.”

It’s this answer and their love for science fiction which has me questioning the if they were possibly switched at birth.

So, I had to wait until dinner was over, showers were complete, and story time was done before I could go to the store.

And in case your wondering…my cookies AND ice cream were worth the wait.

Ain’t Afraid

Turning this WAY UP when it comes on the radio

Obviously I don’t play it when my kids are in the car…but I’m a big hit in the car pool line.

There just might be some wiggling, pointing, and hand dancing going on in the minivan.

After all… I ain’t afraid to show it.

What are you listening to?

Random Acts of Kindness Blog

Last week my friend Jeanne emailed me a link to a blog which I wanted to share with you.

366 Random Acts of Kindness

Ryan Garcia is a new father who wants his daughter to learn to give back to those around her when she is older. He figured he would start his journey towards kindness in 2012. Every day in 2012, 366 total days, Garcia will do a random act of kindness for a stranger, friend, or family member.

Today will be Garcia’s 81st day completing random acts of kindness. Here’s a look at just a few of his acts so far: has sent pizza to a soldier, donated eyeglasses, wrote his father-in-law’s obituary, and sat on a rooftop in Chicago.

I’ve added Garcia’s blog to my blog list on the right and have enjoyed checking it each day. He has inspired me to continue with my random acts of kindness journey.

Consider following Garcia on Twitter or Facebook since he will donate 10 cents for every follower he gets.

Click here to visit 366 Random Acts of Kindness.


After reading books to Caroline and putting her down to bed, I was informed by my husband that our dog ate one of my shoes, a ball, and an oven mitt.

To be honest I was just shocked.


A teddy bear with a missing face

A favorite hat

A roll of toilet paper and kitchen towel

One of six living room pillows lost

My daughter's school nap mat

Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone left our back gate open and this dog wandered far far away?

Spring Break is Over

Spring break is over today but we had a busy week doing a lot of kid chosen activities.

*First haircut

*Went to see the movie “Tin Tin”

* Trip to the zoo

*IKEA trip for lunch and closet supplies (OK, so not all trips were kid chosen)

* 3 days of half day soccer camp

*Having a friend over to play

*Dinner & Painting Class for Mom with her friends

* Watching 3 Netflix movies

* Eating green St. Patrick’s Day pancakes

* Making Rainbow cupcakes

* Lunch date for mom and dad (Believe me when I say the kids enjoyed this one too)

*Everyone in family to see “Big Miracle” movie (Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski movie about saving three whales – comes highly recommended from our family)

* Dinner at In & Out

Yes, it was a good break.

But if any one of my three wake up tomorrow morning sick and can’t go to school, I will not be pleased.

Lemon Chex Mix

So here’s the yummy snack recipe I was talking about yesterday.

This recipe was originally from the Chex website but I found it on this post.

Click here if you would like this copy of the recipe.

My six year loves this recipe so much he was coming up with alternative versions we could try: lime mix, orange mix, cinnamon mix. I suggested chocolate mix and he just gave me a disgusted look. What can I say? He’s just like his father when it comes to eating.

***For St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow I have seen all sorts of fun eating ideas for the kiddos. I think we are going to have green pancakes and rainbow cupcakes (a little food coloring never hurt anyone).****

Have a great weekend!