After reading books to Caroline and putting her down to bed, I was informed by my husband that our dog ate one of my shoes, a ball, and an oven mitt.

To be honest I was just shocked.


A teddy bear with a missing face

A favorite hat

A roll of toilet paper and kitchen towel

One of six living room pillows lost

My daughter's school nap mat

Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone left our back gate open and this dog wandered far far away?

5 thoughts on “NOT!

  1. LOL! I laugh because I feel your pain. When I first got “The Dog”, 10 years ago, she ate EVERYTHING. EVERY. THING. And that was back when I had a real job and had to leave her home alone during the day. I tried locking her in the laundry room, but she clawed and chewed the crap out of the door. Then, one day I came home and found it. The ultimate destruction. She had pulled photo albums off of a shelf and tore them to shreds. PHOTOS. This was before digital. They were gone forever. My entire recorded trip to Italy – gone forever. I sat down in the mess and cried. I cried big fat ugly cries. Sobbing uncontrollably at my loss. That dog never once put another thing in her mouth that she wasn’t supposed to. Never. So maybe you should try crying. :o)

  2. Hahaha. Poor Sophie, she doesn’t know what’s coming soon… But I hope you truly don’t let the back gate open – she is a sweet dog and remember, she’s still a puppy! Lots of time to learn 🙂

  3. Maybe Ryan Garcia would do a random act of kindness and adopt Sophie!…just kidding…he’s probably not that nice….tee hee…

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