George Ezra…Listen to the Man

My kids and I are really loving George Ezra’s music right now. Afternoon dance parties! Such a deep voice from a young guy of 22. To listen to his whole album go here. To watch his funny video with Ian McKellen and quite possibly my favorite Ezra song “Listen to the Man” right now, watch below (go ahead and click on the you tbe link when it asks).

And if you really loved him he’s coming to Dallas on Oct 4th and New Orleans on Oct 7th! Go see him and tell him I said hi!

Jar of Teenage Love

I think everything a teenager says should be bottled up and then given back to them in 30 years.

Just open up that jar of love and say, “Enjoy!”

Am I talking about my own kids?

Nope. Not yet.

I’ve still got 2 weeks to go before I officially have a teenager.

Nope. I’m talking about the lovely young receptionist at the swim lesson place my daughter goes.

The other day was a lazy morning for my daughter and I since we didn’t have to be anywhere bright and early. Granted, I had eaten, was showered and dressed in jeans a t-shirt by 8:30 but it was still all done at a leisure pace.

We showed up at the swim lesson shop about 8:56 for her 9 AM lesson. I took her clothes from her, grabbed her progress card, and gave Caroline her goggles.


After she was called into her class I walked over to the receptionist to schedule a make up class.

The young girl at the front desk told me there were two times available next week for a make up – a 9 AM lesson and a 10 AM lesson.

I hummed and hawed for a minute to myself, thinking about what I already had scheduled for that day.

I eventually said, “I’ll take the 10:00.”

To which she said, “Yay, that’s what I was thinking. You look like it was pretty rough for you to get here for 9.”

Just ponder that for a moment.

I looked at her and thought, “Did you really just say that to me?”

Oh yes she did.

I just walked away. It wasn’t worth it to get into it with her. After all, with those amazing people skills I’m not sure she’s going to be sitting at that receptionist desk too long. Just wait for some sleep deprived mom who’s hanging on by a string to come in their and get greeted with that.

Now if I could only figure out her last name, track her down in thirty years after she’s had a couple of kids, and open up that jar of love for her. Wouldn’t that be the best?

The Make Up Class

The other day my four year old was at her music class when the teacher announced it was time for the parents to come in.

Since the kids had just had their first introductory lesson with their glockenspiel, the teacher suggested the kids attend a make up class on Saturday.

Even if they had not missed a previous class she felt it would be beneficial for the kids to attend the make up class so that all of the techniques and language used would be reinforced.

After class my daughter and another little girl were talking when Helen asked my daughter,  “Are you going to the make up class?”

“Yes I am.”

As we were driving home Caroline asked, “Am I going to that make up class?”

“If you would like to go you can. Do you want to go?”


After being quiet for about 5 minutes she said, “Is the teacher going to put makeup on all of the kids at the make up class?”

The boys and I all laughed immediately (maybe not the best parenting technique) and then explained to her what make up class means.

Caroline took it all in stride but I’m fairly sure she’s disappointed there will be no lipstick or eyeshadow on Saturday morning.


Practically every time I start playing music from the computer, my youngest two request Roar by Katy Perry.

There’s a little too much Katy Perry breast action for my liking but I think their looking at the animals.

I think.


Here’s a tune we are turning WAY UP when it comes on in the car.

In fact yesterday I got pulled over right after preschool drop off while I was jamming to this song (this is a complete surprise to my hubby right now, guess I forgot to tell you, love you dear).

“Ah mam, you were going 42 in a 30.”


Wait while he goes back to his car.

Wait some more.

“Watch your speed mam. Have a good day.”

No ticket. Thank God.

I think the singer has such a unique voice.

Love this song.

It’s Here…

It’s here…


as well as 12 pages of band rules…


required parent volunteer hours in the concession booth which requires a food safety class on a Saturday afternoon…


and the herd of dying elephants running through my house at 5 pm everyday.


Every time the song, Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons, comes on the radio, I turn it up, and flash my gang symbols.

Well, not really but I feel tough listening to it.

Turns out I shouldn’t have.

The video has stuffed animals in it.

Disturbing? Yes.

Rough and Tough? No.

Regardless of that, my gang and I are still jamming to it in the minivan.