Simple Christmas Card Display

Last year I hung our Christmas cards in the entry way. They were placed on large pieces of ribbon and attached with clothespins.

Well, I’ve radically changed things up this year and hung them in the family room on ribbons with PAINTED and GLITTERED clothespins.

Yep, pure craziness around here!

One of our countdown to Christmas activities was to decorate the clothespins.

Can you tell who has been a challenge to photograph lately?

The kids each painted about 8 clothespins with white, red, and green paint.

Some were solid colors, others with stripes and dots.

Yes, she’s in her bathing suit in December. Technically it was about 45 degrees outside at the time so she should have been in pants and a long sleeve shirt but sometimes it’s best to choose your battles.

The next day, after the paint was dry, the kids used a glue pen to make designs or words. Silver and gold glitter was then poured over the glue.

 “Ho Ho Ho.”


“Nice” and candy stripes

In order to hang the ribbons I used Command Strips.

I folded the ribbon several times and then cut a hole so that I could double up the ribbon.

 Add a bow to the top and your done!

These pictures were taken a week ago so the ribbons are filled with cards now and look great.

How are you displaying your Christmas cards this year?


Baby Jesus

Caroline’s teacher told me she had the following conversation with Caroline last week.

Teacher: “OK class,we have all the parts to make Baby Jesus in front of us.”

Caroline- “That’s not Baby Jesus.”

Teacher – “Well who is it then?”

Caroline – “That’s Charlie Brown.”

Teacher – “You know Caroline, I think you’re right.”

Remember Newtown

Really there are no words.

Just shock, horror, fear, anger, sadness.

Someone lost their oldest child.

Someone lost their youngest child.

Someone lost their only child.

20 little kids just starting out.

6 educators trying to save those kids.

Go hug your kids and tell them that you will love them forever and ever.

Go thank an educator who watches over your children everyday.

And don’t forget.


Remember Charlotte.

Remember Daniel.

Remember Rachel.

Remember Olivia.

Remember Josephine.

Remember Dylan.

Remember Dawn

Remember Madeleine.

Remember Catherine.

Remember Chase.

Remember Nancy.

Remember Jesse.

Remember Ana.

Remember James.

Remember Grace.

Remember Anne Marie.

Remember Emilie.

Remember Jack.

Remember Noah.

Remember Caroline.

Remember Jessica.

Remember Avielle.

Remember Lauren.

Remember Mary.

Remember Victoria.

Remember Benjamin.

Remember Allison.

Remember this tragedy when people say we don’t need gun reform.

Remember this tragedy when officials talk about cutting funds for the mentally ill.


Mr. T Preschool

I was driving Caroline to school the other day when she said, “Faith and Ava were touching my nap mat during quiet time.”

I said, “What did you do about that?”

Caroline said, “I told the teacher.”

“And what did the teacher say about that?”

“She said, Stop touching that nap mat you fools!”

I sat there for a moment driving.

“Caroline, I don’t think your teacher said that.”

“She did.”

I’ve never heard anyone at our house say those words so I’m guessing she picked them up during a Scooby Doo episode.

Once  we got to school I told the teacher what Caroline had said. I told her I knew she hadn’t said it, I just thought it was funny.

The teacher laughed along with some of the other parents standing there.

As I walked away I started to smile and chuckle and the thought of a teacher saying, “Stop touching that nap mat you fools!”

Maybe this is a new education movement I’m unaware of.

“The answer is 8 you fools!”

“We never use pen during math you fools!”

“You always turn in your homework on Friday fools!”

I’m thinking of getting Caroline’s teacher some gold medallions to help bring her to the forefront of this movement.


I think this will be the last year my oldest will believe.

In fact, he may not even get to the 25th but I’m crossing my fingers.

Now, we haven’t completely sheltered our kids – they’ve known sadness, been aware of world events, and been a part of serious dinner conversations.

It’s just that, to believe, is so magical and child like. Once he stops believing, he’ll be so much more grown up than he was just moments before.

He can rattle off the names of Civil War battles, go into detailed plane descriptions, and listen to eight straight hours of football coverage.

But he still believes.

When I hear him discussing reindeer characteristics and sleigh routes with his brother I smile.

So I think we may go see the Christmas movie before it hits the dollar show in March and buy the extra large gingerbread house to work on as a family.

And hopefully we’ll get through this last season with everyone believing.

A Christmas Tradition of Santa Giving Books

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago since it is my most popular post ever – plus the time is perfect***just to clarify a few things which I have been asked – the post office gives anyone those airmail stickers and yes those are real stamps with a stamp marked all over them – the books always have a quick message from Santa on the inside cover, something like “I can’t wait to eat those cookies you put out” or “Rudolph’s nose is all shined up and ready to go.” – add a flourish to your writing or ask someone else to do the writing)

One of my favorite family Christmas traditions occurs on Christmas Eve. Every December 24th, usually in the afternoon, Santa’s elves deliver a holiday book (or two) and leave it at our door.

Once everyone has showered and put on pajamas we get into bed and read the book. The kids love receiving the book and I’m pretty sure Santa loves giving it just as much. Over the years we have built up quite a collection of holiday books. Here’s a peek at some of our favorites:

The Berenstain Bears Christmas by Stan & Jan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Santa Claus by Rod Green

This is an amazing book, just gorgeous illustrations and just magical for kids 5 – 10 yrs old.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma WilsonSanta’s Reindeer by Rod Green

Another unbelievable Christmas book. Tells all about Santa’s reindeer, where they sleep, how they fly, and more. This one will not disappoint.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss

Cajun Night Before Christmas by “Trosclair”

Just a few lines of the beginning to give you the gist of this favorite of mine – lay on a thick french/country accent as you read it 🙂

‘Twas the night before Christmas

An’ all t’ru de house

Dey don’t a t’ing pass

Not even a mouse.

De chirren been nezzle

Good snug on de flo’

An’ Mama pass de pepper

T’ru de crack on de do’.

Do you have any family traditions or holiday books that are special to you?

November Goals Revisited

I have a confession to make.

I am revisiting these goals for the first time since I posted them at the beginning on November.

Yep, that’s right. I didn’t even look at my goal sheet this month.

We visited the doctor for the first time on the 13th and from that point until the 28th someone in the family was sick – really sick, I’m talking thankful for the washer and dryer sick.

So anything that I accomplished will be out of shear luck and not due to any sort of focus.

Well, here we go:

Add 2 items to Etsy shop –Fail! I added the Teacher Interview packet but nothing else.

Mail 2 Christmas Packages –Fail! I have mailed one package so far.

Scrapbook 10 pages –Fail!

Surprise My Kids –Check! We surprised the kids with a night at Great Wolf Lodge but then they surprised us with being sick so we left early – bum bum bum…

Buy New Mattress for Guest Room –Fail!

Hang frames in guest room –Fail!

Cook – Thanksgiving Dinner –Check!

Decorate House for Christmas –Fail! The trees up but that’s about it.

Clean Out the Garage –Fail! Not even sure what I was thinking with this one

Volunteer at Something –Check! Our family volunteered on family volunteer day at Meals on Wheels. We made cards for the meal recipients and wrapped up soap as gifts for them. This month our family is riding on the party bus to deliver Meals on Wheels! To say they are excited is an understatement.

Not Drop a Gallon of Milk at the Grocery Store – Check! Yes! I accomplished this!

Hope Your Month was Better than Mine

Holiday Eating

I just ate 2 pounds of toffee in the last day and a half,

proving that buying desserts at Costco should be outlawed.

Fortunately, those calories have been completely negated

as I drank skim milk with said toffee

thus insuring I have successfully maintained my “eat reasonable through the holidays” goal.