Election 2016

Haven’t been on here in a long time but feel compelled to write today.

I am disgusted and ashamed of our country right now.

Our country has elected someone whose message is hate.

We have now gone back so many years in progress for so many different types of people.

My kids were stunned this morning when they found out who was elected. “Who would vote for such a person? He hates all kinds of people.”

Yes, he does.

Kids, I don’t know who voted for him but I will tell you our family will not hate like he does. We will continue to love our neighbors, treat others with respect and kindness, care for those who cannot care for themselves, and believe in the rights of others no matter your gender, religion, nationality, color, or who you love.

What a horrible message you’ve sent to your kids America.

Electing a person who has taught America to hate again.

Shame on you.


Halloween Gourd Fun

*We made these last fall but I never shared them so I thought now would be the perfect time*

Our church has a pumpkin patch each fall and we usually buy a few pumpkins. This year the pumpkins were outrageously priced (apparently collection plates come in orange now) so we walked around until we found some gourds which were only $5. We chose 3 gourds and brought them home to paint.


We used regular acrylic paint and had a lot of fun one afternoon painting the gourds.

Here’s my witch – Gourdita!


My 5 year olds – a little freestyle action going on here


But  my favorite is what my 9 year old saw in this gourd…



A snake slithering up to a freaked out pumpkin!

I simply love this. And my kid. What a funny guy he is.


Grab a few gourds this month and let your kids go crazy.

It will be so fun to see what they “see.”


My “Mom Cap”

Sometimes I find it’s hard to take off the “Mom” cap.

When I find myself telling my husband that I’m going potty?

Mom cap.

Or what about when we are leaving the house and I ask my husband, “Aren’t you going to bring a jacket? The restaurant could be cold.”

Mom cap.

But don’t worry, I don’t limit these ridiculous moments to just my husband.

Tonight, when the dog was barking outside at 10:00, I brought her in and proceeded to tell her that she had made a poor choice and because of that she needed to come inside. “There are consequences when you make a poor choice.”

Seriously. Those words came out of my mouth. TO A DOG.

Mom cap? Insane cap?

I think it’s a fine line.


A Simple & Easy Rug

Due to a rather unfortunate stomach bug that hit our family last year I needed to invest in a new bathroom rug.

I did not want to spend a lot of money because inevitably there will be another bug that will cause several of us to lay on the floor unable to muster the strength required to walk to the bed. Instead we will spend hours on the floor with our pillow and blankets moaning and groaning.

Therefore, we needed a new rug. (Plus the tile gets so darn cold and slippery).

My family and I were wandering the Habitat store one day when I stumbled upon carpet squares for $1.99. We searched through piles and piles of squares to find just the right ones with the pattern I wanted and the quality my husband wanted.

We found 8 tiles that were good so we went home, placed them in a corner of our bedroom, and left them there for 8 months.

I kid you not. That’s sort of our MO around here.

Finally one day we dragged them into the bathroom and started the incredibly tedious and time consuming project of taping them together.

I think it took 15 minutes.

IMG_5190 IMG_5191 IMG_5192

We chose to alternate the carpet squares so that the pattern would be a little more interesting than just straight lines.

IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5196

A new 4 ft x 8 ft carpet in the bathroom.

I still need to add some glue strips, using a glue run, to the bottom to keep the carpet from moving around.

I’m aiming for 2016 to complete that project.


Sweet girl waiting for a friend to arrive for a play date.

IMG_3088-001She ended up waiting there for about an hour.

Having a snack and generally asking me every five minutes if it was time yet.

This is why you are never late to play dates people – Get there on time!

The Rabbits – Part 3

You thought it was ugly when our dog killed the baby bunny?

Well a few days later…

She killed the momma bunny.

Or the daddy bunny.

Or the auntie bunny.

Whomever it was, it was huge.

I’m calling it a miracle that our oldest two were not home when this happened. Combine this with the fact that my  husband WAS home and I’m pretty sure that’s a certifiable miracle.

I was sitting at the breakfast table with my youngest when my husband, who had just glanced out the back window, stopped moving, and went back to the window.

He turned to me with wide open eyes and I just knew Sophie had done it again.

I quickly said, “Caroline, do you want to watch some tv?”

Without hesitating she jumped at the opportunity.

Is this lady really asking if I want to watch tv before school and I’m not even dressed, finished eating, or ready for said school that begins in 20 minutes? Hell yes!

Or maybe it was, “Okay mama.”

Once she was completely zoned out, my husband went out, grabbed a shovel, shooed the dog away, and got rid of the bunny.

Baby bunny. Mama bunny. Could have sent me over the edge.

I’m starting to wonder if our neighborhood bunnies have been engaging in some illegal extra curricular activities or whether my dog has been watching the hunting channel.

Seeing as we don’t have cable, I’m thinking there’s a problem with the bunnies.

I think the piece de resistance occurred later that day when I came home and found that the dog had had diarrhea in her crate.

For about ten minutes I pretended it wasn’t there and wished and hoped that my husband would walk through the door.

But alas, our miracle for the day had already occurred so I had to clean it up.

I can’t tell you how much I’m hoping the bunnies band together soon and get some revenge.


We’re busy around here working on something that I am now regretting saying yes to…


Will share next week, if this doesn’t kill us.

Mini Jeff Corwin

Our 8 year old has loved animals since before he could talk.

He loves animal books, animal figures, the zoo, the aquarium, and animal shows.

His favorite to watch is Jeff Corwin on Netflix.

He combines humor and information and Andrew just can’t get enough of him.

So for his birthday present from us, Andrew got to meet Jeff Corwin at the Fort Worth Science Museum a few weeks before his birthday.


Andrew screamed with excitement when he found out.

My husband drove Andrew to the event and they made a night of it, finishing up at Dairy Queen.


Another gift from us was Jeff Corwin’s new book, 100 Heartbeats, which Andrew was able to have him sign.



I was so excited to give this experience to Andrew and couldn’t wait to find out how it had gone.

When I asked how the talk was, Andrew made sure to point out to me that Jeff Corwin’s  parents let him have snakes and other reptiles when he was growing up.

I told him I would make our dog a lizard costume and he could try and feed her lettuce.

He wasn’t impressed.