April Fools’ Day Jokes for Your Kids

I’m always leery of playing practical jokes because I’m always afraid of what will then be done to me in retaliation.

I hate surprises so I don’t do well with surprise parties, things jumping out at me, or anything of that nature.

On the other hand my kids are kids and would love some April Fools’ jokes.

So I looked around and found some ideas here.

I thinking about:

#6 – Baked pan of “Brown E’s”

#8 – Toilet paper in their shoes

#15 – Broccoli lollipops – okay this one could cause tears from my youngest

and #21 – Surprise in the mailbox

Any jokes you are planning on playing today?

Immature Parents

There are times when I believe I am way too immature to be a parent.

This afternoon was one of those.

I picked up my 6th grader from school today and asked him how is day went.

He mumbled a few words until suddenly remembering something at which point he became very animated.

“Mom, there’s this 2 week away band camp that I can go to this summer and I think it would be lots of fun. It’s only $750 and we get to be in a band, work on our own instrument, there’s a dance every night, but we can pass on going to that, and you sleep in the college dorms.”


“Oh and Mom, at band camp there’s a rock wall and a pool and basketball courts.”

At band camp.

Am I the only one who’s mind went directly to Alyson Hannigan and her, “This one time, at band camp?”

Please tell me I’m not.

And after watching that clip just now I can assure you there will be absolutely no band camp this summer.

Or any other summer.

Thankfully we already have a vacation scheduled right in the middle of band camp so the idea of going was put to rest pretty quickly.

Now if I can only serve our apple pie dessert with a straight face.

(Told you, immature. And no we weren’t really having pie).


My Son Said It

What I thought was just being tired from visiting with a friend turned out to be pneumonia today for my 9 year old.

One trip to the doctor’s office, one trip to the lab for blood work, one trip to the hospital for x-rays, one drive thru trip to McDonald’s, a second trip back to the doctor, and finally a trip to the pharmacist resulted in two very cranky children.

Just like them, I was tired and a bit frustrated while trying to get dinner made.

Little did I know that right after dinner we would all be laughing uncontrollably.

My nine year old was recalling for my husband how he had blood taken from his finger earlier in the day. “I even had the finger prick. That’s the most painful way to give blood.”

My husband said, “Well, I think giving blood intravenously would be more painful.”

With a scrunched up face my son said, “Intrapenisly?”

We all started to chuckle.

“No, intravenously is usually through your arm.”

“Oh, because I was thinking intrapenisly would really hurt.”

We all lost it at that point.

Of course, things quickly went downhill when our six year old had to stand up and demonstrate what giving blood intrapenisly might look like (with his clothes still on, thank goodness).

What’s the worst part of this?

For the next twenty years we will never be able to go to the emergency room with each other for fear that we will burst out laughing while the doctor is giving orders.

A New Focus?

Maybe what I need right now is a new focus – something to direct my energy toward until I get the a-okay from the doctor to be out and about again. After browsing tons of TV shows and way too many internet sites, I think I might have found a new focus.

Let me clue you in.

Caroline received a princess sash from her aunt for her birthday. While she doesn’t know quite to do with it, I sure do.

I hope Tom Hanks inspires you as much as he’s inspired me.

Look out world, here comes Caroline Grace, the pageant contestant!

My Husband is One Lucky Guy

My dad loves to give silly t-shirts for Christmas presents.

Over the years we have all had our fair share.

One Christmas my sisters and I each received a shirt that said, “What Happens With the Sisters, Stays With the Sisters.”

Another year Derek received a shirt that said ,”Derek, the Man, the Myth, the Legend.”

Last year my shirt had a wine glass with the phrase, “More book club please.”

But this year my dad found a shirt for me that speaks the truth.

When you see this shirt, you will automatically think, “Yes that’s Jen.”

I am this shirt.

I think you will understand once you see it.

trophy wife shirtHousewives of North Dallas, anyone?