Do You Ever…

Do you ever take the time to move around a majority of the items in the dishwasher just to place one plate in, when in reality it would have been much quicker to just hand wash that plate yourself?


Me neither.


Do You Ever…

Do you ever sit down for an hour looking through recipe books, figure out a meal plan for the week, go to the store and buy your groceries, only to return home only to discover that you cannot find your meal plan and have no idea why you have green pears, frozen spinach, and back beans sitting on your counter?



Me neither.

Paper Organizer for the Kitchen

 Ever since we moved into our house, almost three years ago, I have wanted a pin board in the kitchen – somewhere to hang school notes, store deals, and reminders.

I was looking at an “extra” pile we had in our guest room and I came across this old poster we had hanging in our old house.


Here’s the mess I wanted to have organized on the kitchen counters.


I took the frame apart and found this foam board behind the poster.


I wrapped the foam board with some extra fabric and then glued it on.


Yay! Simple! Free! Organized!


 UPDATE:It’s all a lie.

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and at the time it was clean. But two weeks later the area is completely messy again. You can barely see the board and no part of the counter is visible.

Just keepin’ it real folks.

A Little Warm Around Here

You know you are in trouble when you go to get out the milk from the fridge in the morning and your foot sloshes around a lot of water on the ground.

Yesterday morning our refrigerator & freezer both died.

So out went the eggs, out went the milk, out went the cheese and meats.

Until the repair man can get here on Thursday we are using this…


Yep, our cooler we use for parties is now keeping some of our food cool.


And just for the record, once I saw these pictures the yogurt got tossed as well.


Last week, always looking for a good deal , I picked up 5 packages of butter that were at an unbelievable price. Seems like a really dumb idea now.


Looking on the bright side of this – we got to eat out last night!

Soapy Solution

I hate the liquid soap bottle on my counter. I think it junks up the place.

Yep. It’s definitely junks up the place.

A few days ago I was cruising through the blog Simcoe Street when I saw the solution I had been searching for. Jenny used an olive oil cruet to store her dish soap. Bingo! I literally left the house three days later immediately and bought my own cruet with stopper at Walmart.

I put too much dish soap in  initially so I was skeptical as to whether this was really a brilliant solution. But now I think I have the perfect water to soap combo and love it.

Yes, it definitely gives the counter a cleaner look.

Anyone else rushing out to get their own cruet?


The Kitchen Art Wall Reveal…Finally

Our kitchen art wall has been a long time in coming. I searched and searched etsy for just the right art. I chose pieces which were fun, bright, and made me smile. I made six printables for the wall as well.

Last time I left you I had given you this sneak peek at our wall

Here’s the completed wall

I am so excited with how it came out.

The five small frames are from Target, 2 others are from IKEA, 2 frames I already had, and 2 are from Goodwill. The frames I already owned and the ones from Goodwill were given a couple of coats of white paint.

Let me show you how we chose where to place the frames.

I knew I was working with an 44 x 44 space on the wall so my husband and I made a 44 x 44 template out of newspapers taped together.

Next we moved around the frames until we were happy with their placement

There is a wide variety of color in the pictures so I decided white frames would help give a cohesive look.

Where did those wonderful pieces of art come from you ask?

Clicking on the links below will direct you to the etsy shops or to my post with the free printables.

You are the Pancakes to My Syrup – Williston Letter Co

Olive You – free printable Big D & Me

Super Dean with Hamburger (made from individual pieces of paper) – Greenbean Art

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – Graphic Anthology

If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen – free printable Big D & Me

Baby You Spin Me Right Round – Oh, Dear Molly

You Are My Hot Pot – Oh, Dear Molly

You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Ice Cream & that’s Kind of the Same Thing – free printable Big D & Me

Hey Yogurt, If You’re so Cultured Why Do I Never See You at the Opera? – free printable Big D & Me

Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Let Us Turn Up the Beat) – free printable Big D & Me

Give Thanks – free printable Big D & Me

So that’s it. Our kitchen wall is finished.

Except that I want to change a few colors on the printables.

Maybe add another frame.

No. No. No. For now it’s done and I’m pleased it’s done.

Now onto our next big project.

Hmmm, my husbands not smiling.

I, for the life of me, can’t understand why.



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Kitchen Printables

This post was first published when I guest posted on Darling Doodles.

Today I am sharing with you three printables I made for our kitchen gallery wall.

Before I show you these prints I want you to understand that the art on my kitchen wall is on the cheesey groan inducing side. (I can hear the accolades now – “Yeah, she made us cheesey printables”). I would like to have some grown up sentimental art but it’s just not me. Instead I have prints I have bought which say, “You Are My Hot Pot,” and “You are the Syrup to my Pancakes.”

So ready or not consider yourself warned. If you are looking for Pottery Barn, you’ve come to the wrong place.

My first printable is a 4 x 6 message  – I think it speaks for itself.

My second printable is a 5 x 7 print. When I found this saying I knew it was meant for my family.

The third print is another 5 x 7 with a sweet little message but one that I always insist on exaggerating, “I luuuuurvvve you.”

Olive YouHere’s a peek at my kitchen gallery wall.

Hop on over to Big D & Me where I will soon be revealing the kitchen art wall and sharing where the other art work is from (hint: Etsy!)

Update: Here are three more kitchen printables

Give Thanks

Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Let Us Turn Up the Beat)

Cultured Yogurt

Click on the printables pictures in order to download a copy for yourself

If you decide to download a picture, please consider becoming a Big D & Me follower

Go here for the art wall revealed

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