A Peek Inside

Here’s a peek into my freezer.

Please ignore the disorganization of my top two freezer shelves.

Focus on the contents.

inside of freezerice cream sandwiches * 4 tubs of ice cream * freezy pops * popsicles * ice cream bars

Two reasons for this:

1 -Our family loves ice cream

2 –  It’s 108 degrees outside!

8 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. we have those same shelves!!!!! Only way to cool off! along with a lot of ice water!

  2. I hope I don’t sound boastful telling you I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. (I’m actually in tears because we haven’t really had a summer). Seattle might get up to 72 degrees today. No joke! Maybe then, I’ll put on my shorts?

  3. Upset stomaches are more prevalent in the summer months and research has shown that the best remedy is ice cream. Your family looks prepared. Also, chocolate candy made mice run much faster than just water so if you are a mouse with an upset tummy who needs to run fast eat plenty of ice cream and chocolate. (someone is getting paid big bucks to do this research!)

  4. Uhh that’s exactly what my freezer looks like. We did manage to throw a few bags of frozen veggies in there too – as if that would counteract the calories or something. But when it’s a million degrees outside there’s not much better than a mouthful of ice cream.

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