A Little Warm Around Here

You know you are in trouble when you go to get out the milk from the fridge in the morning and your foot sloshes around a lot of water on the ground.

Yesterday morning our refrigerator & freezer both died.

So out went the eggs, out went the milk, out went the cheese and meats.

Until the repair man can get here on Thursday we are using this…


Yep, our cooler we use for parties is now keeping some of our food cool.


And just for the record, once I saw these pictures the yogurt got tossed as well.


Last week, always looking for a good deal , I picked up 5 packages of butter that were at an unbelievable price. Seems like a really dumb idea now.


Looking on the bright side of this – we got to eat out last night!

4 thoughts on “A Little Warm Around Here

    • Yes, it can be saved. We actually had the repair guy out last week since the freezer was having a hard time keeping up but the fridge was working just fine. We have the parts on order and he is scheduled to come back on Thursday but it didn’t make it that long. 🙁

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