Daylight Savings Time – Me No Likey

I dislike daylight savings time.

Truly, truly dislike it.

At about 4:00 pm yesterday things were difficult around here.

There was tons of whining, lots of dragging, and plenty of annoying moments.

And that was just from my husband and me.

And yet there were cries of disbelief when bedtime was announced,  “But it’s light out. We never go to bed when it’s light outside!”

So I would like to propose we get rid of Daylight Savings time.

Who wants to have it get darker later? Certainly no parent I know.

At least let’s get rid of the “springing forward” part.

I’m all in favor of just falling back every couple of years.

Or you know what would be better?

Let’s just add an extra day in – let’s do March 9th twice every year!

That way we can sleep in, have a lazy day, and still not miss a day of work.

So who’s with me? Let’s get rid of “springing forward” and just have March 9th twice!

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3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time – Me No Likey

  1. Seriously! Try traveling from Central to Eastern time zones yesterday and losing 2 hours in one day. I’m certainly struggling today. I like that it stays lighter longer but I hate that it was pitch black outside on my entire drive to work today!!

  2. Now, now,youngun’s if one prepares well in advance, one will awaken even in the dark with plenty of energy. Being a person categorized as a nighthawk, I made sure my schedule kept all the changes in mine…ate Sunday dinner earlier, etc….And if one thinks of it as “purely psychological”..after all it is only an hour or two in Amanda’s case. I arrived at school a 1/2 hour early, ready to go. It only took me 64 years to figure this out.

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