Election 2016

Haven’t been on here in a long time but feel compelled to write today.

I am disgusted and ashamed of our country right now.

Our country has elected someone whose message is hate.

We have now gone back so many years in progress for so many different types of people.

My kids were stunned this morning when they found out who was elected. “Who would vote for such a person? He hates all kinds of people.”

Yes, he does.

Kids, I don’t know who voted for him but I will tell you our family will not hate like he does. We will continue to love our neighbors, treat others with respect and kindness, care for those who cannot care for themselves, and believe in the rights of others no matter your gender, religion, nationality, color, or who you love.

What a horrible message you’ve sent to your kids America.

Electing a person who has taught America to hate again.

Shame on you.


One thought on “Election 2016

  1. I’ve been in kind of a funk since Tuesday about this and can’t believe the result either. I’ve slowly been coming to terms with the reality of it and agree, now more then ever we need to show them kindness and love and rise above all this hate.

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