November Goals Revisited

I have a confession to make.

I am revisiting these goals for the first time since I posted them at the beginning on November.

Yep, that’s right. I didn’t even look at my goal sheet this month.

We visited the doctor for the first time on the 13th and from that point until the 28th someone in the family was sick – really sick, I’m talking thankful for the washer and dryer sick.

So anything that I accomplished will be out of shear luck and not due to any sort of focus.

Well, here we go:

Add 2 items to Etsy shop –Fail! I added the Teacher Interview packet but nothing else.

Mail 2 Christmas Packages –Fail! I have mailed one package so far.

Scrapbook 10 pages –Fail!

Surprise My Kids –Check! We surprised the kids with a night at Great Wolf Lodge but then they surprised us with being sick so we left early – bum bum bum…

Buy New Mattress for Guest Room –Fail!

Hang frames in guest room –Fail!

Cook – Thanksgiving Dinner –Check!

Decorate House for Christmas –Fail! The trees up but that’s about it.

Clean Out the Garage –Fail! Not even sure what I was thinking with this one

Volunteer at Something –Check! Our family volunteered on family volunteer day at Meals on Wheels. We made cards for the meal recipients and wrapped up soap as gifts for them. This month our family is riding on the party bus to deliver Meals on Wheels! To say they are excited is an understatement.

Not Drop a Gallon of Milk at the Grocery Store – Check! Yes! I accomplished this!

Hope Your Month was Better than Mine

2 thoughts on “November Goals Revisited

  1. I think the two pounds of Costco Toffee may have something to do with the “lost month of November”.

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