Tomorrow I’m flying to California to see my sister who is also flying in for the weekend trip.

We are going to the Florence and the Machines concert on Saturday night.

While it’s exciting and a very needed trip, I have some serious concerns.

You see, the last concert I went to involved the performers singing the wheels on the bus and the audience eating goldfish crackers,  all the while sitting on picnic blankets.

My adult concert etiquette is just out of date.

So for this weekend I’m wondering….

What does one wear to a concert now a days?

Based on the newspaper stand magazines I’m thinking leopard stilettos and a mini skirts?

What time does a concert start?

It probably starts at eleven at night. That’s a good two hours past when I’m usually asleep, throw in the two hour time difference…oh boy, I might be in trouble.

Is this one of those concerts where everyone stands?

Since I’ll already be tired I was kind of hoping for one of those “sit on the sofa and put your feet up” kind of experiences. Maybe I’ll have to substitute some sensible shoes for the stilettos.

Regardless of what I wear (now my sister is worried – Please don’t show up in mom jeans!) or how late I’m up I know I’ll have a great time.

Hope your weekend is rockin’ too!

4 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Have a great time!! I just saw this band for the first time on one of the SNL reruns they showed down here a couple weeks ago. I’m behind the times, but I really liked them!

  2. Stop worrying whether it is stilettos or flats—just free-style and if you feel it chime in with a chorus of the itsy bitsy spider or wheels on the bus. It will be so loud in there no one will every here you and you will feel liberated…I’m a sixties chick–yeah the 1960’s and the more ragged the better…

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