14 years ago today I said, “I do.”

I was pretty naive at 23 and thought I got a wonderful husband on that rainy May day.

What I didn’t realize is how much more I got.

I got someone willing to hold me when I cry.

I got someone who gets my humor (even if it’s the same joke ten years later).

I got someone who will stand by my side.

I got someone who always does the right thing (sometimes a little difficult for this pedal to the metal gal).

I got someone who challenges me in the pool and out.

I got someone who can take my vision and turn it into reality.

I got someone is who my computer genius (who stays remarkably calm when telling me “it’s control z” for the tenth time).

I got someone who loves me in the morning and at night.

I got someone who is an amazing father.

I got my best friend.

Thank you for helping me create our family.

Derek, I love you forever and ever…no matter what!

7 thoughts on “14

  1. 14 years of good times.
    14 years of tough times.
    14 years that I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.

    I will love you always,


  2. We’ve share those exact same 14 years, with the ups and downs also. I’m glad we are all in this together and you have let us share in those family times. It has meant a lot to us all that Marisa can still be “sissa” to the kids! It has been wonderful to experience boys, since I have only been around girls. I love them like my own or at least like an aunt would love them! Happy Anniversary!

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