Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test on Etsy!

Do you remember the gender prediction test from my sister’s shower?

Well, I’ve finally listed it up on etsy so it’s available for everyone.

If you are hosting a gender neutral shower this is the perfect party game to play.

This test includes 14 Old Wives’ Tale questions with their boy/girl responses,

sample photos of the finished product,

and the gender circles,


This test is guaranteed to provide laughter and a good time at your next shower!

It’s listed for the bargain price of $1.95 right now.

The price listed will be the price for only 72 hours – Monday morning the price will be higher

So go ahead and pick up your Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test!

(This test is to be considered as a fun baby shower game – The results are not 100% accurate.)

*Next week the Baby Measurement Guessing Cards will be on sale*

2 thoughts on “Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test on Etsy!

  1. This Baby Shower game was a blast and I had so much fun answering Jen’s questions. If anyone out there is hosting a Baby Shower, I would highly recommend this game. Old wives tale or not, the game worked out in my favour – I did indeed have another boy!

  2. This game was really fun, waiting with baited breath to see what Amanda has! Girl it looks like

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