First Day of School 2012 – 2013

Today we walked the boys to school for their first day.

It’s a big year around here because it will be the last year of elementary school for Alex.

Next year it’s off to the big middle school – but let’s not even talk about that yet.

Our morning started off with pancakes with either a 5 – 5th grade – or a 1 – 1st grade – cut out of the middle – a tradition now in it’s second year.

While one child was super excited for school to start, one child was not.

While one child was super excited to bring requested teacher items to school, one child was not – “But she’s already going to have twenty boxes of tissues, why do I have to bring another?” – The response of, “They were on her teacher wish list,” did nothing to appease him.

While one child was happy to wear his old tennis shoes which fit, one child insisted he had to have new tennis shoes even though his current pair fit.

While one child let his parents bring him to class and walk into the room with him, one child insisted 5th graders walk themselves.

Oh boy, times are a changin’ around here.

Should be an interesting year.

Have a great first day to all of my teacher friends out there!

5 thoughts on “First Day of School 2012 – 2013

  1. Lookin’ snappy boys!!! Enjoy your first day of school. Just think Jen, next year you’ll be making 3 different pancake number/letters!

  2. The boys look great! Hope they had a fantastic first day of 1st and 5th grade! I really can’t believe Alex is in 5th grade – time has flown by!

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