We ventured out to a new pool in the area this week.

This pool had a wonderful kids area for Caroline so I was able to sit and relax in the water while watching her play on the water slide.

There were a few other moms watching their children go down the slide too.

We’d casually reply to one another, “great day,” “they’re certainly having fun,” and, “definitely ready for school to start.”

After Caroline had gone down the slide a few times she ran over to me and said, “You’re my stepmom.”

And with that she gave me a big hug and was off.

Now, I have an 8 inch c-section scar to dispute this statement but I think I was too stunned to argue at first.

Still processing what she told me, I glanced around at the other moms trying to determine if they had heard.

Caroline went down the slide and came running over to me again, “You’re my stepmom. I love you.”

What is this girl thinking?

When she came over a third time I said, “I am not your stepmom , I am your mommy.”

She ignored me and said, “You’re my stepmom.”

Desperately searching my brain for what she could be thinking I finally realized that it must be Disney’s fault. While reading Cinderella the other night with Caroline, I realized I was reading the word “stepmom” quite often.

Cinderella’s mean stepmom…Cinderella’s stepmom broke Cinderella’s dress..Cinderella’s stepmom locked her in her room.

What does it mean that Caroline is comparing me to the evil stepmom?

I’ll tell you what it means.

Caroline is going to be doing a lot more cooking and cleaning around here. The heck with all this playing and coloring.

She’s going to hope her fairy godmother visits her and helps her escape the evil clutches of this pool taking, ice cream giving, book reading, stepmom.

Finding the Funny

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