March Goals Revisited

So let’s see how many of my March goals I accomplished:

Paint headboard – Does it count that it’s in the garage ready to be painted? Nope.

Make family subway art for hallway Check! I’ll show it to you soon.

Buy a pair of quality sunglassesCheck and check! Why two? I bought a pair of outrageously expensive ($300) sunglasses (Gucci baby!) but decided I just couldn’t pay that much, so they are sitting on my counter waiting to be returned. I did compromise and buy myself a pair of sunglasses at the $90 range (Michael Kors) and am going to keep those. If this seems like a waste of money, just remember I’ve never bough a pair of sunglasses that was more than $10, plus it was a goal, I had to follow through 🙂

Here’s a picture of the sunglasses I finally settled on. And by the way, they look exactly like the $300 pair and the $10 pair. Apparently as much as I wanted to step out of my little fashion box, I just can’t.

Buy only environmentally friendly cleaning productsCheck! Although these products are typically more expensive I only had to buy three this month and I feel good about buying safer products for our family. I found that all of these products worked well and I plan on buying them again once they are used up. Here are the three that I bought:

Mrs. Meyer’ Liquid Dish Soap

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator (used on clothes)

Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner

Make Jeopardy game for etsy Nope, not again.

Learn how to finally take pictures off the camera Check!

Organize Caroline’s room & closet (plus the toys)Check!

Take some kid chosen spring break field tripsCheck!

Date night with hubbyCheck!

Scrapbook 10 pages in Alex’s scrapbookNope! Ugh!

Time sort of got away from me at the end of the month so I plan to carry over the goals I didn’t accomplish to this month.

How you do in accomplishing some goals?

7 thoughts on “March Goals Revisited

  1. I’m taking this post to mean that everything is okay tornado-wise with y’all? I’ve been a little worried. :/ I’m glad to hear that the environmentally-friendly cleaning products worked well. And I can’t wait to see the wall art!

      • I have Meyers Dish Soap and I think it smells good! Have used the lemon & the lavender and think they both are good – not STRONG like some other products…

  2. I’m so impressed with your to-do list and all that you accomplished in March! My way of accomplishing goals is to aim low, and anything else I accomplish is a bonus 🙂

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