Remember when I went bathing suit shopping?  Here’s a little snippet of that trip.

I found the bathing suit department in Dillard’s and quickly scanned the racks and racks of options.

I spent the next twenty minutes loading down my arms full of tops, bottoms, and full suits.

The dressing room was full so I had to wait in the little waiting area until one became available.

A teenager came out of the dressing room in this horrible little dress and looked at her friend who was standing next to me.

“What do you think?”

I thought the answer was obvious.

You look awful! You look like you should be walking the streets! Take that off!

Apparently I was wrong.

“You look great. I love that on you.”

People. Let me describe this doozey of an outfit to you.

It was a short black, teal, and white dress with the white part in the back covering her rear end.

There were cut outs on each side of the dress which exposed her stomach plus it had a cut out in the back.

The girl was squeezed into this dress which was obviously three sizes two small.

It looked painful and pitiful.

And this girl was pretty. She could have looked amazing in a different dress but instead she looked awful.

But there her friend was insisting, “You look great. You can definitely wear that to the movies.”

The girl decided to buy the dress and I just hope her mom had an ounce of sense and refused to let her wear it.

If asked, I would have suggested ditching the dress and the friend.

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  1. that’s why I like going shopping with marisa, she tells me the TRUTH!!

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