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Preschool Pick Up

So many people have asked how Caroline’s first day of fall preschool went and wonder how it compared to the Meet the Teacher day. Let me say this… She did not win the Miss Congeniality Award. Drop off went smoothly … Continue reading

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First Day of School 2012 – 2013

Today we walked the boys to school for their first day. It’s a big year around here because it will be the last year of elementary school for Alex. Next year it’s off to the big middle school – but … Continue reading

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Karma Chameleon

This is how they should teach punctuation in school!

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We just got back last night from Indiana where I was attending my little brother’s law school graduation. Yep. Little brother’s LAW SCHOOL graduation. Pretty impressive I know. Ryan was 6 when I went to college so this accomplishment is … Continue reading

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Howdy folks! Living in Texas lends itself to many “dressing western” days at school. Seeing as I don’t particularly embrace boots and hats we often struggle to come up with an appropriate costume on those days. The boys have never … Continue reading

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The Kissy Girl

There is a kissy girl in kindergarten. Normally I wouldn’t care. But my son is in kindergarten, so I do. My sweet innocent loving boy is in kindergarten WITH A KISSY GIRL! The other day he came home saying, “Bambi … Continue reading

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Andrew, who’s six,  came home with some additional homework this week. His assignment was to provide Tom the Turkey with a disguise so that he wouldn’t be cooked on Thanksgiving Day. Andrew turned his turkey into an elf complete with … Continue reading

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Drop Off Dance

I just dropped my daughter off at preschool for her first day of school this year. Excitedly I jumped into the car, turned off Mary Poppins, and switched the radio on. I started dancing in my car immediately when this … Continue reading

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The First Week

The first week of school is coming to a close and it’s been a good one. Or so I thought. Apparently, my kindergartener is learning from an Iron Fist. For the first three days of school all was well. Stories … Continue reading

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Primary Carnage

Andrew went to chapel every Friday at school. One Friday he asked me to attend since chapel would be in the garden. I arrived right on time, located Andrew, and spread my blanket directly behind his class. Chapel began with … Continue reading

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