Drop Off Dance

I just dropped my daughter off at preschool for her first day of school this year.

Excitedly I jumped into the car, turned off Mary Poppins, and switched the radio on.

I started dancing in my car immediately when this song came on.

While I may not have a girl friend who recently cheated on me and I don’t have a Zach Galifianakis tattoo, I think you can still understand that I was excited. And so were a lot of other mommies based on their smiles and the extra skip in their step.

Five whole hours to myself today. That hasn’t happened since mid May.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but the freedom is fabulous. Just imagine taking a shower without someone talking to you constantly, going to the bathroom without an audience, or running an errand without having to stop at the toy section.

Of the 168 hours in a week, I’m with my daughter for 158. So I was ready for a little break.

I danced all the way to the library return box, the post office, and then home.

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to party. NO LATE FEES BRO! That is awesome.

How will I spend my five hours?

Maybe a little Bravo TV, read another chapter in my book, cruise the internet…whatever it is I will be singing this song.

Update: Fifteen minutes after I got home the pest control guy called and said he was coming in two hours. So what did I do? I cleaned for two hours. But I made sure to clean with a little skip in my step too.

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