No Cost Organizing

I desperately want to be organized but I have one huge obstacle blocking my path toward achieving this goal.


The amount of toys we have is mind boggling. If that’s not bad enough, there’s the fact that each of those toys comes with twelve million little pieces.

If you’ve ever been sitting at your child’s birthday party silently cursing the guest’s parents due to the gift that they brought, than you understand.

Or maybe you are more familiar with the midnight walk into your child’s room where you wince with pain due to a stray lego head or miniature cow.

Either way, cursing is involved and I needed to take action.

And this action needed to be free.

So I looked around my kitchen and settled on a recently emptied pickle jar.

I cleaned the jar with soap and water and applied Goo Gone on the remaining sticky bits. I let the Goo Gone sit for awhile and then scrapped it off using a rough sponge and water.

Two salsa jars and one pickle jar later our game pieces were organized.

Now the bouncy balls, dice, and bingo chips have a designated home in our game closet and are joyfully missing from every nook and cranny of our house.

One of those annoying birthday present were Mighty Beans. Thankfully they now have a contained place to reside on my son’s top shelf.

Not to be left out, our kitchen shelf holds our BoxTops jar. For complete disclosure I want to let you know all of these Box Tops were taken off of vegetables and fruits. Huh, never heard of Box Tops on those items? Must be only our store that does it.

Now if only my kids would hurry up and eat jelly and pickles on their eggs I could have another jar for organizing.

Do you have any cheap organizing ideas that have worked for you?

9 thoughts on “No Cost Organizing

  1. Haha – do you want to come to my house and help me organize? No toys yet but I’m dealing with lots of laundry and no dressers (and no money to purhcase one) right now, since I donated my dresser before our move 🙁

  2. When you’re here in Canada can I steel you to come organize our play room!!!! I typically use the addition by subtraction method too;o)

  3. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out what to put in the jars I have! I did toss the marinara sauce ones, they just didn’t seem to get clean enough and if I didn’t toss them soon I’d be hoarding! ACK!

  4. Oh boy organising is my permanent nightmare. I’ve never had a clue (I think cos my mum is the most disorganised person in the universe) but reading blogs with great ideas like this is slowly changing my home and my life.

    Its so great when the kids ask where something is to be able to say ‘I know!’.

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