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3rd Graders & Their Future

Inevitably when teaching math to kids the words, “When will I ever have to use this when I get older?” comes up. And when it came up, I asked my group of 3rd  graders what they want to be when … Continue reading

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Work Today

Remember when I said I was so lucky to work with 5th graders? After today… 1. Scratch that. 2. Forget it. 3. Pretend that I never said that. I’m starting to reassess my career choice and think that perhaps working … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up next week for Caroline’s preschool so I thought I would share a few cute ideas I’ve seen around blogland. Starbucks Gift Card Holder from Life in the Thrifty Lane Personalized Pencil Holder from My … Continue reading

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5th Graders & the Stupid Deli

I tutor math 3 days a week for 3 hours a day in an elementary school. 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders – you really should try it some time. The other day I was talking to the big wig know-it-alls … Continue reading

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Middle School Scheduling: A Last Minute Switch

I knew when my husband came home with large protruding crazed eyes, walking ahead of Alex and saying “I’m going to let him tell you,”  it was going to be good. But first, let me back up. Since Alex is … Continue reading

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Too Much Happy Basket?

I believe in encouragement at school. Really, I do. But this is getting ridiculous. This is from the 1st grade happy basket…   this is from the 1st grade Treasure Box…   and this is from the 1st grade End … Continue reading

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Shaving Cream Letters

In school, Caroline learns a new letter each week. Since she wasn’t really picking up each letter each week, I decided to work with her on the new letter before it is introduced. This week the letter was P and … Continue reading

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Baby Jesus

Caroline’s teacher told me she had the following conversation with Caroline last week. Teacher: “OK class,we have all the parts to make Baby Jesus in front of us.” Caroline- “That’s not Baby Jesus.” Teacher – “Well who is it then?” … Continue reading

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Remember Newtown

Really there are no words. Just shock, horror, fear, anger, sadness. Someone lost their oldest child. Someone lost their youngest child. Someone lost their only child. 20 little kids just starting out. 6 educators trying to save those kids. Go … Continue reading

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Mr. T Preschool

I was driving Caroline to school the other day when she said, “Faith and Ava were touching my nap mat during quiet time.” I said, “What did you do about that?” Caroline said, “I told the teacher.” “And what did … Continue reading

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