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Halloween Entrance

I love decorating for Halloween. May thru September? Not so much. But when we roll into October I’m ready with the Halloween decor. When I was over looking at Yellow Bliss Road I saw her free Halloween Countdown printable and … Continue reading

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The Rabbits

I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase, “Anything for your children.” Well, that phrase is the reason why my husband and I have turned our backyard into a  rabbit sanctuary. Yes, a rabbit sanctuary. Really, if it was up … Continue reading

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It’s Here…

It’s here…   as well as 12 pages of band rules… required parent volunteer hours in the concession booth which requires a food safety class on a Saturday afternoon… and the herd of dying elephants running through my house at … Continue reading

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Adoption Letter

We have been pretty open with our kids about the adoption process we are going through – the paperwork we have to fill out, travel arrangements that are to be made, saving our money, and much more. We haven’t sat … Continue reading

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Dear Costco

Dear Mr. Costco, My family loves visiting your store and sampling all those goodies your A1 hairnet troops are providing. In fact, my husband loves it so much he needs a stern talking to before his trips there with our … Continue reading

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And then…

And then there was the time the Dillard’s sales lady laughed at my bra size. Yes. Yes she did. Huge boost to the self esteem. Let me back up. Since my bra supply was depleted I went in search of … Continue reading

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What My Boys are Cooking

Each summer the boys are in charge of one dinner a week. The only condition in choosing food is that it can’t be something they have already cooked this summer. The boys enjoy cooking and have been pretty good about … Continue reading

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A HOLY Mother F****er Service

Yesterday while we were at church an older man leaned over and whispered, “Your children are so well behaved.” I smiled, thanked him, and gave myself a little encouraging mental tap on the shoulder. Less than a minute later Caroline … Continue reading

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I am old…

I am old. At least my two teenage babysitters make me feel old. Let me explain. We have two teenage sisters who babysit our kids occasionally. After a night of babysitting I typically drive them home. During our short drive … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail

Why is the only way effective way to stop my children from yelling is to yell at them myself? “You must stop yelling!”

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