I am old…

I am old.

At least my two teenage babysitters make me feel old.

Let me explain.

We have two teenage sisters who babysit our kids occasionally.

After a night of babysitting I typically drive them home.

During our short drive home I hear, “Yes, ma’am” about 10 times. It starts to make me feel like I’m a senior citizen. I realize I am not sixteen years old and look one hundred and four to these girls, but seriously, must I be called ma’am?

Isn’t that reserved for women my mother’s age? – Sorry, mom. You are ageless in my eyes:)

The other reason I feel old with them?

When I finish telling a story or a tidbit about my day, they say “That’s so funny.”

Every time. For every story.

And that makes me realize…it’s not funny.

They are just saying that to an old lady who is trying to entertain them during what is probably the longest drive of their life. For me it’s a quick 10 min drive. For them, it’s must feel like we live in different states.

And what’s the worst?

“That’s so funny, ma’am.”

I think I’m going to start looking for a middle age babysitter.

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